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looking for a certain type of tent stake

Hi all,

I wanted to buy some Easton Black Gold 8.5 inch tent stakes:



I couldn't find them anywhere, called Easton, and learned they quit making them.

My google-fu is failing me on this one; does anyone know of a similar type and length that someone else makes? I really want a stake longer than 6 inches and of a similar design.

if you can tolerate webbing instead of the metal loops, those are available:

MSR groundhogs also have the loops.  otherwise, i think you're right, there isn't anything quite like what you pictured available.  

There are some really good anodized aluminum stakes out there. I forget who makes them, but they show up in shops all the time. They are red or slightly orange in color. If you want loops like the ones above, just drill a hole and add them.

You should be able to get the 6" ones from ENO. Yeah, too short, I know.

Dream Hammock is making some sweet stakes out of titanium. I recently purchased some of the shepherds hooks and staples. Liking those a lot. The staple adds noticeable stability in softer soil. They are available off the shelf in lengths up to 9", custom colors, probably custom lengths as well. But no shiny knob.!/Sidewinder-Tent-Stakes/p/52670790/category=4019214


Hey thanks everyone! Andrew, thanks so much...that link to LDP was the winner. They have the exact stake I wanted! Just ordered 12 of them and spoke with Marcus the company owner...nice guy and very helpful.

Ed, you found them also at, I guess I need to get better with my search syntax



i owe my google expertise in part to our three teenagers.  they teach me something every day.  yesterday it was "finsta."  


I have MSR Groundhogs and Cyclones for firm ground, but for looser soil I like good old 9" military tent stakes. For sand or snow, the 12" stakes used for camouflage nets work well. You can even hammer them into frozen ground without breaking them, they may bend but they'll still be serviceable.

Yeah Phil, I typically use groundhogs also and I agree with you: they are not ideal for loose soil. Last weekend I was caught in a wicked wind storm at Low Gap in the Big Frog Wilderness; I should have relocated to a better spot but fought through it like a dummy. I was tarp camping and there was just not a solid place to stake into or tie to on one edge of my tarp.


November 24, 2020
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