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Knife,axe,tomahawk, questions ask here.

I by no means am the know it all of knifes ect but am pretty well educated on them as I'm sure other members are. I concider them to be very important pieces of outdoor equipment and am always glad to answer and help people with their choices or answer questions. So if you want to know about a knife or brand or a tomahawk or hatchet or axe I'll do my best to help you and im sure others will chime in as well. I just didnt see anywhere these items were addressed so I figured I'd give them a place.

lol...guess this isn't a popular topic! I ordered  2 new hawks,a knife and some other goodies and may order one more hawk I haven't decided yet?

Do not under estimate this group. They already know what works for them.

Modern backpackers do not rely much on axes and tomahawks. A small knife is all you need.

I'D like to know what most people do carry? I know my knife and hawk vary , and I gotta have my swiss farmer with me! 

A small Gerber with a 2 inch blade weighing about 2 ounces. Used to carry my Swiss Army, which is in my pocket every day at work or home, but realized I didn't use anything but the main blade. Carried it for 20 years before I realized the last time I used one of the tools was to fix an external frame pack.

I don't make fires on a regular basis and if I do, I make them with downed wood I can break by hand.

I use a Gerber Prodigy tanto. Made in USA.


Wife uses a navy knife made by Ontario knife company. Mark III I believe.

 As you can tell from the pics they are well used.

I rely on the smallest Swiss Army knife there is. I only really need a blade to cut cheese and sausage..You probably think what about a survival situation if something happens. That's why they make maps and I plan my route and make smart decisions not to put me in that situation,......:)

I like a smallish folding knife with an aluminum handle, and a partially serrated blade. It has a clip and goes in the front pants pocket always at the ready. It can be opened with one hand. Mostly it gets used to prepare food, gut fish, and cut paracord.

I'll normally have one of four knives.  For a folder either an Opinel No. 8  or a Victorinox Farmer and if a fixed blade either a Mora No. 1 or an Ahti Tikka puukko.

Opinel No. 8.  I've had this one ~40 years.  Great all around knife from the field to the kitchen.  French

Victorinox Farmer and Ahti Tikka.  Vis is Swiss.  Ahti is Finnish.  Finnish puukkot are a centuries old design and excellent in the field.

Mora Original Classic No. 1.  Swedish.  For me this is a LARGE knife.  98mm/3.85" blade but it's light.




steven said:

Wife uses a navy knife made by Ontario knife company. Mark III I believe.

 As you can tell from the pics they are well used.

 USN Mk3 Mod 0

Bill Hudson said:

Opinel No. 8.  I've had this one ~40 years.  Great all around knife from the field to the kitchen.  French




 Im not a fan of folding knifes but your Opinel is a sweet piece of cutlery.

My Opinel is both a knife and a comfort item.

Makes me feel good when I use it.

(I already had one 50 years ago...)

I have small Leatherman that goes on all canoe trips. My Victorinox Officer's Model circa 1967, is on most trips afoot. I generally only use the main blade but carry it none the less for sentimental reasons. A german made sailors sheath knife in a pattern similar to the Russel GRB knife goes on canoe trips. Also on canoe trips is an HBC pattern Collins axe from the 1950s. It is useful for clearing portages. Hatchets and the like I find are only somewhat lighter than the HBC axe and less effective with the added negative that they are more dangerous.

I really found everything ones response refreshing! It's nice to see what people really carry. I admit I have some high end knives and some customs and a lot of tomahawks. I tried a lot of larger knives that cost way to much money. They weren't practical and way too heavy. I do always take a hawk with me but I don't need too but it's a must have for me. In reality a sak farmer or just a mora is enough. I'm just addicted to knives and hawks and yes guns.

I'll use all sorts of knives, too many to list, depending on what I'll be doing, but I would carry an axe before I carried a hatchet or hawk but a folding saw is a light lighter and more practical.


My son is trying to lay claim to my Canadian Belt Knife.  A Grohmann DH Russell #3 Army.  The Grohmanns are other under appreciated knives (excepting from the Great Northern woodsmen, I suppose).


Say hello to my Spanish steel. Got this shortly after buying my first TNF tent years ago and realizing I couldn't just tear my way out in an emergency :p

Never used it to cut my way out of my tent, but it has cleaned a few fish, whittled a few marshmallow sticks for my daughter and cut a lot of cheese. I've been leaving it home more often lately, but I do love the feel of it in my hand whenever I have an excuse to use it.

That whole Grohman line are fine knives. I believe one of the line is issued to the Canadian Army. The Backwoodsman magazine recently had an article about them. I like mine.

Old Guide. ....I do agree a a good saw is more practical. I'm a hawk fan but for most it's a poor choice and the Hawks I do see people picking are more geared towards combat also there is definitely a learning curve to using them. A nice saw is really a lot more practical  you are correct.

Nice thread.

I don't own a lot of knives, but I definitely appreciate using a quality one.

For just simple backpacking I get by well with a Mora and a Sven saw.

I also have a Fallkniven and a Tops that I prefer if I'm going off trail and might need to process a small amount of wood.

I started using a canoe a few years ago and if I was going to be out for a long trip I would carry a small axe. I grew up cutting down and splitting firewood with my family and have always wanted a nice axe but I don't own one yet.

Tracker; I do have a few hawks but most were gifts-I think out in the wild they are more like a hatchet and maybe more dangerous to the user than a full axe or saw.

Mike; axes are addicting. I sold a dozen or so last summer and still have a couple dozen and wouldn't hesitate to buying more though I don't use one much anymore...though I did chop down and limb out a 40ft spruce two weeks ago:). I prefer a double bit sharpened properly and that's what I learned on but obviously a single bit is fine...just take your time learning it and when you get tired bad swing, one time the handle slips out of tired hands, you could be in a lot of trouble. I prefer any full size axe over a cruiser style/short axe but that's me. If I was just splitting wood I'd use a maul. Whatever you buy, buy a good one even if used off the internet.

Lone Stranger-nice knife-I owned two different Muela's years ago but not like that-they are good knives.

Old Guide.... I have a healthy hawk I don't have an axe and it's mainly because I keep looking for a nice old head to redo but I gotta admit I'd like a H Burks or more. I just live in a apt in the middle of the city so I've been able too hold off. I do agree a hawk can be dangerous to the user especially if they go tactical hawk and get beards shaped and spikes added. I got a few like this but I used them for work and also it worked out that I'm a collector too. You can do more with a hawk than you would think but it's not like using a axe or hatchet or saw. They are mighty fun to throw too!

Tracker, I never threw a hawk. I should try and have the yard to do it in. I know as a weapon they can be quite devastating and I have watched men throw them at Rendezvous and such which I always found interesting. I just never did it.

Good luck in your search for the Burks.

Although I have a rather large collection of knives, axes, and hawks (mostly inherited from my father one of my uncles, who was more of a hoarder, buying up stuff at flea markets and being a traveling picker - wish I had gotten his blunderbus), I only rarely use them in the field. The only real exception is when I participate in historical re-enactments, during which I carry one of the hawks, the Bowie knife (the uncle who gave it to me claimed it dated back to Civil War days - he and my father were born pre-1900), and a supply of char and flints.

In my "real life" as a climber and backpacker, I find that a tiny SAK plus a small sewing kit is all I ever use, though when guiding snowshoe tours, I do take some repair supplies (seems that most people do not take care of their snowshoes or rent trashed shoes that need repair out on the trail). For that purpose the SAK Tinker model does almost everything.

Yeah, I know, the tiny SAK is not macho. But it does everything that is needed. The rest of the junk collection is just for demos and display.

Yes, Old Guide the whole Grohmann line are fine.  Mine, pictured above, is the Canadian Army Knife.  Has been for more than 45 years now.  It's a #3.  The flap sheath is what makes the Grohmann #3 the Canadian Army Knife. 

Bill H. Thanks for the info.

Bill S. would you list a few items you carry for snowshoe repair?

Screw macho.  SAKs are just good tools.  That's why the knives have been around for 125 years.  Victorinox makes and sells about 32,000,000 of them each year.  32 MILLION!  There's as reason for that.  The next several most prolific knife manufacturers combined can't match that, and Victorinox does it with unsurpassed manufacturing ethics and outstanding quality control and customer service. I carry a Victorinox Farmer everyday as I go about my daily business.   I tool that does what I need it to do.  Matters not who considers it macho or not.

I couldn't imagine not having a SAK farmer!  I'm just a fan of knives and hawks it also gives me a variety to choose from depending on my outing. Some I did get just for my former job but most of them transitioned well.

Grohmann knives have won dozens of awards and were even displayed in New York's Museum of Modern Art.  The iconic design is much more than just the elliptical blade but also includes the handle design of many in their line. The offset handle, coupled with the balance, is ergonomically the best of any sheath/fixed blade knife I've ever handled.  Makes the knife more of an extension of your hand than just a tool in your hand.  You really have to handle/use one to truly understand it.  If you ever get a chance to do that, I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.  You too will be impressed.  I guarantee that.

This #2 Trout and Bird has both the elliptical blade and the iconic handle design.   This now resides with a fiend who is a fishing addict.


Bill; Nice knife. I have one of those but just now sitting here looking at it I realized mine has no tang stamp but the handle is marked 'Herter's'.

Herter's didn't make knives, just had the manufacturing farmed out to a jobber and in this case it was Grohmann.

Is your sheath original? Mine is not. I had Northern Leather [ESPY] make it and it looks like yours just darker.

Hey, Old Guide, that Herter's may be an R. Murphy knife.  No sure Grohmann ever made knives for Herter's (or anyone else for that matter).  Regardless, those Herter's are 1095 carbon steel vs. Grohmann's stainless and earned a well deserved reputation as great knives which brought one a lot of bang for his buck.

 Look at 3 on the old catalog page below.
Many of the old Herter's had blade etches vs tang stamps and had stamps in the handles like yours.  Didn't take long for the blade etches to wear off.

Bill..Bark River knives does a nice copy of this knife. The name escapes me but its one of their best sellers.I honestly don't have a favorite band as I use Mike Deibert,Helm grind and Helm forge, Busse,swamp rat,scrapyard,spyderco,Daniel Winkler ect. I got to admit though a Bark River just has a great feel to them they make you want to get out into the woods.

No reason to spend the kind of money Bark River wants for their Canadian copy when for 1/3 (or even less) $$$ you can get an original.  The Bark River ergonomics aren't as good either.  Some of the various copies are close to what Dean Russell designed, but only Grohmann makes Russell's design.  Their are lots of copies, but truly, none are better even though they often cost much more and are made out of the latest super steel flavor-of-the-month.  If I where to recommend a copy it would be the R. Murphy Herter's in 1095 carbon like Old Guide has which can still be found on the secondary market.

Bill, thanks for the extra info. Mine is definitely stainless. I wish it was carbon steel but I'm happy and it is still a good knife.

I  have to laugh about blade etch's wearing off. They saved me lots of money over the years. I see a knife with a blade etch and it says, 1 of 250, or Special Edition, or Centennnial, or some such thing so I say to myself with my hand on my wallet, That's too nice to use, so since I don't collect much just own and use too many, I  don't buy it :)

I have one Bark River knife, a yellow handled 'Tusk', given to me as a gift. I've never used it but would have when I was doing more hunting or farm butchering. Its high carbon.

I got a Bark River micro tusk and a Gunny . If you never threw a hawk it's not that hard. If I remember right if e handle hits take a step back and if the head hits take a step forward but I may have that mixed up? I'll spend some money on a.hawk! I just can't say no to a hawk.

So I think since I started this thread I've pulled in 3 new hawks and a custom knife that should be ready in January and that's it for now.

Old Guide said:

Bill S. would you list a few items you carry for snowshoe repair?

 You don't need much, just some supplies for holding the binding in place and some simple tools - total maybe a couple extra pounds. Duct tape and bailing wire will do most of the fastening of a binding back in place. A few feet of 1" tubular sling will allow improvising a totally trashed binding. I have rarely seen the deck get detached, but the bailing wire plus sling will remedy that adequately to get back to the trailhead, if it's less than 10 miles or so.

The only tools you need are a sharp knife (one of the basic SAKs is just fine - you don't need a "rescue knife" or a big Bowie knife - in fact the tiny SAK does the job just as well), plus a pair of needlenose pliers with a wire cutter section for the bailing wire - twist it and trim it.

Actually the main problem is people who don't bring enough to drink and get dehydrated (yes, you can get dehydrated in winter) and/or no snacks to munch on to keep their energy up and/or the right clothes (I have had newbies argue that the clothing list is unnecessary ("I don't need a rain jacket, it's not going to rain or snow"). Plus the ones who didn't bring a WAG bag and TP, but have to poop somewhere out on the trail.

For snowshoe repair, I also carry a couple of small hose clamps in addition to what Bill mentioned, the bailing wire and duct tape.

Thanks for the replies. Always good to see what others carry.

I also have a tiny pair of pliers and I carry long plastic twist ties which can be used for many things and also shortened...and they are very light.

Yes, Old Guide, always good to have a few zip ties handy.  The bailing wire of the 21st century.  Zip ties and duct tape can solve many a problem.

And though we are really straying from the subject for those of you who carry duct tape as an emergency firestarter [amongst other uses], check yours to see if it burns...some doesn't. Better to find out at home rather than in the woods.

There is also a type of zip tie that is used to pull round tin ductwork together. For the ductwork, a special tool is required to tension. These ties are about two feet long and very strong.

Some combination of the above, though the ebony handle Opinel I think is too pretty so I dont use it (kinda pointless isnt it?).

I always carry the SAK climber, but in winter I will take the Buck Vantage because its much easier to open with cold hands. 

The Boker drop point is for wooded areas where I may need a more serious blade.

99% of the time, the small SAK climber is perfect.

I carry a small gerber lock blade for daily use. I am also a big fan of Puma knives.  Have a collection of there stag handle knives. The prince and skinner being my favorites. 

TJ1984 I've had so many knives that were too pretty to use or I got just to collect so it's okay. 


And above you'll see some folders and a Busse AD fixed blade. I for got to add my spyderco ARK.


Here are some of my fixed blades 2 are hand forged by Helm forge and most of the rest are Helm grind and a Busse TGLB, a custom from Charlie Mike, 2 Bark Rivers, and my training hawks.

well I couldn't hold out I got 2 knives coming and another hawk! I gotta wait time of atleast a month but they may take longer.

Nothing really to add here,.....except to confess that I have the knife hoarder addiction as well.  There's always one more knife that I want as though it were going to be the magic last word.  As soon as I have it, I think the next one is the answer.

5 Mad Dog Knives, a couple of Battle Horse Knives, a Bark River Bushcrafter, a couple of Chris Reeves, a few old Marbles, a few Buck knives, a couple from A.G. Russel, and I've been collecting Case pocket knives for 50 years.

But there are two that I carry always and everyday.  A Victorinox Champion SAK, and a "Slim Outdoorsman" from Bob Dozier.

I wish I still had the pic with all my old busses and swamp rats and scrapyard knives. They covered my whole wall. Then I had a ton of spydercos most old and discontinued, a sebenza and a unamazza. In total easily over 100 knives. So I know how it is too get bitten by the bug. Cadenza sounds like you got some nice knives!

Cadenza; are you a member of the CASE COLLECTORS CLUB?

I too have the 'addiction' of knives-I was up to about 2000 [yes 2 grand] and a few hundred of those were bayonets. I'm purposely down to 300 or so. I sold some to get rid of them and put a few bucks in my pockets and I also sold some to help others out who needed $$.

Next time I have a bunch of them out I'll shoot a photo and post it.

My collection is about 50/50 folders [mostly CASE] and fixed blades and almost all are American made.

I generally have a Case large coke bottle or elephant toe in my rear pocket and an old Case fixed blade in my pack but that changes on moods and needs. Like today I have a very old Winchester large coke bottle in my pocket.

Here's a couple of Case from my knife collection.  Not really a big Case fan, particularly the newer/contemporary Case.  If buying a newer/comtemporary Case you really should handle it and inspect it first as Case's QC just isn't what it once was.


My grandfather's Jack.  His last pocket knife.

An old Half Congress ('64-'69).  It's my best whittlin' knife.

A Barlow ('79) I bough new.  Made the sheath a few years later in the Army.

This is an old Peanut ('64-'69) my twin brother and I found when we were kids.

My one newer/contemporary Case.  A Baby Butterbean. 




Here is 2 more I forgot to add a spyderco K2 and a swamp rat waki and custom leather sheath by Armoralleather. If anyone wants a close up pic or size conparison of any of my knives or tomahawks just let me know. I love guns but my true passion is in knives and tomahawks. 

A few more;

Marble's Safety Hunter with custom English Walnut handles;


and a CASE/Bose Arkansas Hunter, a really fine knife [looker and user].


4 more users, CASE MOP Trapper, CASE Orange Bone Clasp, CASE Walnut Bone Lge Coke Bottle and a CASE Lge Stag Folding Hunter.


I wish I had some older knives. I did have a large case sod buster with a liner lock and have no clue where it went and I loved it. I've tried to track one down and seen a few on ebay but I passed on them because they didn't look right and there are tons of fakes on there. The good news is I'll have my Scrapyard thick cut chop house soon! It will be paid in full next Friday or Saturday and then shipped to me on Monday. I'm dying to have this one. 

I also collect mid-century vintage scout patterns.  It's my favorite pocket knife pattern, and the knife pattern I consider the most versatile. 

Here are most of mine made for the commercial market.  Pictured are Camillus (X3), Colonial, Imperial, Utica/Kutmaster, Western, Ulster, Ulster/Craftsman, and Kent.

And here are most of mine made for the military market.  From the top are Wenger Standard Issue for the Swiss, Victorinox Soldat for the Swiss, Camillus MIL-K-818 for the Americans, AMEFA KL DAK for the Dutch, and Victorinox GAK for the Germans.


I wonder if you can answer a question for me. How come one day I post photos and they show up and the next they don't?

Old Guide said:


I wonder if you can answer a question for me. How come one day I post photos and they show up and the next they don't?


Believe you are posting the incorrect URL.

For your first pic above, this is the URL you should insert:

If you do, this is the pic:





Old Guide said:

A few more;

Marble's Safety Hunter with custom English Walnut handles;


and a CASE/Bose Arkansas Hunter, a really fine knife [looker and user].


4 more users, CASE MOP Trapper, CASE Orange Bone Clasp, CASE Walnut Bone Lge Coke Bottle and a CASE Lge Stag Folding Hunter.



Old Guide, use the insert photo icon (looks like the tree and is the next to the farthest right icon) in the tool bar at the top of the "Quick Reply" window.


1.  Put your cursor in the post/reply where you want the photo to appear.

2.  Click the insert photo icon.

3.  Click the external image tab.

4.  Paste the photobucket url which ends with .jpg.

5.  Then click insert.

If you did all that, I have no idea why it worked for me but didn't work for you.  


Thank You Bill

Old Guid..I'm in love with that orange case! 

I'm gonna try and get the old pics from my old phone to transfer to this phone. my old collection dwarfs the one I have now.

Bill I keep forgetting to tell you how impressed I am with that whittling project you did you have some serious skills there sir. I look at it often in amazement. How long is it? 

Not sure. 3 to 4 feet of walnut.  I've always been of the mind it's not the knives you have but what you can do with them that counts.

3-4 feet wow!  I've been tempted to get out my micro tusk and do some whittling. The only thing I can do is make traps for critters and that's just for emergencies. I've looked at the flexcut carvin jack since it came with a sheath and a sharpener for each tool. I know it's cheating big time but I figure it would keep me entertained. I can make a bowl or cup with hot coals and a i can make spoon but that's about it. I never had the free time till now to really give it a try but I definitely am impressed by your skills. My skills with a knife have just never evolved whittling which would probably be be a more useful skill.

Old Guide said:

Some of my CASE 54 trappers.


Hmm? Doesn't want to post today.

 You are not inserting the URL of ONLY the image.  That url will end with .jpg and NOTHING ELSE.


Ok and again thanks for posting that.

wow! that's alot of folders! I'd have to say upon just seeing the colors the orange and what I'll call John Deer green are my favorites. I'm really missing my sod buster now. I'm really starting to have a more of an appriciation for I'll say traditional knives fixed and folders.

All the green are bone scales, the orange are mixed bone and synthetic. Like I said that's just some of the 54's [trappers], I have many other folders and fixed blades but far less than previously.

Tracker, you do know that the soddy comes in two sizes don't you and other companies besides CASE now make it? And some lock.

Along the lines of it's not the knife you have but what you can do with it.....

This was a Christmas gift from my son.  He made it from a piece of cedar I've been hauling around since an assignment on Montgomery, AL 1993-1995.

 I do like handmade gifts and was so pleased to have received such a thoughtful gift as this.


That's a beauty right there. I have a fork and spoon someone carved me and gave it to me as a gift and though it is nice it isn't that nice:) What is the wood?


old Guide ..yes sir I've looked at alot of them too. I think I was just really attached to that knife I have alot of fond.memories of it so it's been hard to replace.

Bill...again you pull out another whittled beauty! I'm hoping this year to buy my house with a nice fireplace and sit around and start whittling and doing more here state side since I can't work anymore as of Monday and my doctor's visit. Not what I imagined at 37.


Cedar, yes...what kind? Western Red Cedar, Incense, etc.?

I haven't a clue what kind of cedar.  It's from a stick I picked up in central Alabama sometime between 1993 and 1995.

It's probably eastern red cedar. Red heartwood. The oil is toxic.

Well my Scrapyard thick cut chop house should ship tomorrow! I gotta act somewhat suprised because I'd been snooping and easdropping and that's how I found out I was getting one as far as a sheath I'll probably hit up Dwayne at armoralleather and have him do a sheath to match the one my waki is in and maybe a new holster for my glock to match. He does amazing work and is a good guy. The quality he puts into each sheath is just outstanding.

So tomorrow my Scrapyard Thick Cut Chop House should be here! Of course busse released another knife I want today so I may grab it too and restart my Busse,Swamp Rat,Scrapyard collection.I keep trying to remember guns before knives but it's so hard to do.

Here's an ~60 year old KJ Eriksson Mora with laminated blade.  Model has been in production for about 85 years now; however, no longer made with curly birch handles.  One of my favorites.



Bill that Mora is sure holding up well! The handle especially. Do you ever treat the sheath with anything?or is it just holding up well too?

Just the steel, and then occasionally with mineral oil.  You should never have to treat any handle material, excepting possibly stacked leather and then only rarely.  The oils from your shin take care of the handle.  Sheaths perhaps with mink oil if I don't mind darkening the leather or just a tad of neutral shoe polish.

Bill I just thought on the handle there would be a scratch or crack or something but doesn't look that way. Do you use mineral oil for the reasons that it work and is found everywhere and won't taint your food? It really is one of the few moras that have caught my eye. I really need to buy a mora and a opinel one day.

Mineral oil is safely consumed yet won't turn rancid like vegetable oils or animal fats. Mineral oil is just baby oil without the scent/perfume added. It's found on store shelves with laxatives.

So I got my Scrapyard Thick Cut Chop House and it's a beast ! It is a modern version of my Great Grandmothers knife and I couldn't be happier. It's partner will be my Swamp Rat KDSH. I'm posting 2 pictures then I'll get a few more and do a review. For now here it is.


Modded KaBar.

KaBar from Camp Smith, HI NEX I modded in the early 90s when searching for MIAs/POWs across SE Asia (Vietnam War) and the Pacific (WW2). Made it into a clinometer with sights and plumb line notches and drilled a lanyard hole. This thing helped lay in more than one helicopter LZ.


1. Notched the blade's spine.

2. Drilled a hole through the top of the guard.

3. While sighting through the handguard hole, using the clip point cut off as the front sight, I aimed at a point I placed on the wall to ensure my line of sight was LEVEL (level line of sight is crucial).

4. While maintaining that level line of sight, I placed nylon string in the blade spine notch I cut and let the string hang like a plumb bob (tied a nut to the end of the string).

5. While maintaining that level line of sight, and hanging the plumb bob, I pinched the string against the side of the blade and used a sharpie to mark where the string laid on the blade. This is angle zero/level.

6. Then I drew arches (open end up) on the blade with the zero/level line bisecting the arc, and marked increments on the arc toward the tip of the blade and toward the handguard.

7. I used a dremel tool to engrave the arc, the zero angle line and hacks along the arc.

8.  Lastly I drilled the pommel for a lanyard.

This proved to be a very practical mod for me. After having done this I could use the knife with a string and anything acting as a plumb bob as a clinometer. Mostly I used it to determine the height of trees or other obstacles when laying out helicopter LZs and such.





Bill those are some handy mods and great back story to the knife  ! Most I do is strip the coatings off just because any coating is gonna cause friction it just depends on how bad it is if I strip it or not. Some coatings aren't that bad but some are,they do cut down on blade care. I can definitely tell you which coatings on busse,swamp rat,and Scrapyard knives to strip or avoid if your buying new.

After a day of being board out of my mind I found a few more knives that must be 



Old Guide  Just got my brand new HB Forge Shawnee tomahawk .I didn't have the wait time I was able to get mine in 4 days and some people helped arrange it. Its for a trip I plan on taking soon. It's well weighted and pictures don't do it justice. I'll be picking up a few more including the boys hawk.

I look forward to seeing what you and the others post here Tracker and I've seen some fine ones.

That Shawnee reminds me of one I sold oh maybe ten years or so ago, an old hand forged one which would have been near impossible to date.

Naysayers may say what they want but a hawk can be quite handy should one choose to carry it.

Thank you Old Guide. This is my 3rd hand forged hawk and I definitely need  I can only imagine how nice that one you sold was. I got a fee more I need to pick up but my gun and suppressors need some attention. Now if I can just get this knife and hawk addiction under I can get a brand new Chris Reeves Night sky small for $480 and it's tempting I'm waiting on a large though and a plain one for edc. I got a tops 10/47 and a tac-tops karambit on order. The 10/47 will be in the store tomorrow so I'll have it this week,and the Tac-tops may take a week or 2 more. I have a hawk being forged that also should be done next week. So I got some gear coming in, the waiting is killing me. Also still waiting on the cold steel hawk and crkt hatchet/hawk to be released.

I look forward to seeing any and all you get.

The addiction to edged steel tools can be quite addicting and every new one you see think a couple days and then maybe a couple more before whipping out the plastic.

The worst is when Blade Show comes and you get to see all the new stuff coming out! I'm trying to hold out and get a suppressor for my 45 and one for a 22lr but edged tools keep getting in the way. I had some hard times and sold most of my collection which was alot of Busse's,swamp rats,Scrapyards,and spydercos (alot of rare spydercos too). It killed me but I've been building back up. I got a Tops 10/47 coming tomorrow. I'm trying to buy knives and hawks that I'll use instead of just wall hangers which is what I had before the big sell off.

correction I have a Tops 10/27 in route. There is a few tops knives I'll be picking up such as the tac-tops I may get 2 of those, max the mini axe, ranger bootlegger, lions tooth pick, HKT, back bite,ect. Most are specialty knives and not for the outdoors. I almost bought a Chris Reeves Night Sky but it was a small one and I want a large. I'll buy spyderco and Chris Reeves but I prefer fixed blades . Ironically here in VA concealing a fixed blade of any size is a no no, but they let me carry my mini Draco (AK pistol) with a 75 round drum concealed? Also autos are a big no no too, I've had quite a few but end up selling them because I can't carry them.




My new tops knife with my Busse AD. 

I had wanted a karambit but a karambit is mostly a 1 trick pony and usually pretty expensive for a knife that is used just for fighting now. This Tops can be held in a manner that I can use it as a regular knife. The saw maybe effective but I'm about 99.9% sure it is away to get around states that have double edged knife laws it's very sharp which was a suprise to me for the price I paid and the fit and finish and for what it is I'm very happy . 

It also came with a kydex sheath and a removable clip that can be moved or replaced with a tecloc ect.

Overall a great package.

Oh my Busse AD has an enlarged choil on it that's why it doesn't look like others.

Old Guide I just realized most of my pics on this thread are really bad and actually don't show the knives as they look so I'll snap some pics so you can see them better the 1 is on YouTube before it was sent to me by the maker. It's 1 of 2 hand forged knives I have form him. Still waiting on the suprise hawk that's being forged I do know the maker now though Elmer Roush so I'm really excited he does amazing work.

James Helm does it again! He has just got back 2 protos of the hawk that will be called the.Brave. The Brave will be the lightest of his tomahawks. He uses terro tuff for his handles which are very tough and alow for a secure grip. I'm not sure what options and all will be available on this tomahawk,he just got the blanks and sent me a picture and was off to bed. I will keep you updated as he makes outstanding products at affordable prices and is such a really nice guy.

And yes! I laid claim to one of the I got something to look forward too.

So my mystery hawk/axe will be here next week and today I reconfirmed my order for the tac-tops and put 2 flashlights on hold and am gonna do the same.with a spyderco roadie. I love New Graham Knives  Annie always takes care of ya! My Helm proto hawk will be ready end of may/ beginning of June so the wait

My Tac-tops is on its way along with my flashlights I'll be doing reviews and posting pictures. My Fenix HL10 will have its review started sometime to night. Tomorrow or Friday will be better knife shots as my current pictures suck and Friday I'll do my Tac-tops review along with showing all the goodies New Graham has hooked me up with at amazing prices and if you don't see it they will order it for you ask for Annie and she will get you setup tell her Clayton sent you.

Well I decided to go more outdoors wise on another order since my Tac-tops karambit has really 1.purpose and I haven't reviewed my Tops 10/27. So I got od green paracord, spyderco roadie,spyderco enuff h1, Tops Max The Mini Axe and that was it and should be here Monday. Then today I grabbed a Blackjack HALO Attack. I'll be.adding a spyderco ROC and maybe 1-2 other folders.


Everything is in! I'll post pictures tomorrow and my first impressions. 

I didn't get to pics today the migraine monster got me. I will say I'm very happy with everything that came in and the spyderco salt series is as always impressive, they do not rust the carbon is replaced with nitrogen so no rust ever and the more use they get the stronger the edge which is usually only a trait of forged knives. Most prefer the serrated edge and say it holds a edge longer but neither dulls quick at all. The spyderco roadie is a great small friction folder that has a nice sturdy blade and would be very very hard to close on you by accident and cut yourself I may have to get another it's so nice. The Tops knives I got were all impressive now the Tac-tops karambit is a very large knife for defense or offense so not a outdoors knife but still impressive, Max the mini axe is an odd looking thing it comes with a nice sheath can easily baton and still leave you a cutting edge,it's very fun to use I had used a friends before and it was just fun. Yes I did throw it and stuck it everytime but wouldn't recommend it. The fit and finish on everything was great especially for the price. The Tops all come with warranty cards and a very loud whistle which is nice. Spydercos all came with boxes and the spyderco warranty so don't fiddle with Now the hand forged tomahawk! WOW! It was made by Elmer Roush with 2 dog paw prints on each side and simply says Scout on both sides in memory of my dog. It's slightly longer than most of my wooden handled hawks has exellent weight,flamed and finished handle and he made it knowing it may see a combat zone or 2 so it's not just a show piece though I don't know I could take it with me because of the sentimental value. His work is truly amazing I will be buying atleast 2 more pieces off of him. I felt I needed to atleast give some info since I've dragged this out now I just need pictures for yall.

I forgot there is also a Blackjack HALO Attack and 4 flashlights I picked up too. The Blackjack is made in the USA and all current U.S. Blackjacks are made by Bark River Knives and comes with a Sharpshooter leather sheath, I believe that this model is a Randal Knives copy but I'm not 100% on that. Now it's a very nice knife with some nice features I'll show you but the price is a bit high for some, for what you get I think it's reasonable but in the actual review I will probably only give it 4 stars due to the price 191.00 is what New Graham Knives has it at, if it's being discontinued then that's a different story and mine does have the finger grooves which takes more work so all these things will come into play.












Yes! I finally got pictures up.

My Helm Brave proto is going thru it's touture tests it's broken several masterlock padlocks so far with no damage.

The crkt birler isn't released yet but it's designed by Elmer Roush the gentleman who made the hawk dedicated to my dog and best friend you see above.

I'm also waiting on the release of a new cold steel hawk. 

As for knives who knows when or what the next one will be? I may replace my Sebenza.

since the spammed is gone and I can't play with him anymore if anyone cares

All Chris Reeves are made in Idaho 

Spydercos are made in Golden Colorado or Taiwan

Microtechs are made in Bradford PA 

I can't speak on the rest as I'm not 100% sure where they are made and if I'm not positive I won't speak on it.

I just spoke with my dealer and apparently ESEE is now being faked as well and they say they are very good fakes.

If you go to the ESEE website and look under home a drop down menu will come up at the bottom it will have a link for fakes and man are they good ones! They are on ebay and amazon so they are popping up everywhere. I think spyderco also has a page on spotting fakes as they have been seen in the same 2 places. 

The easiest way to avoid all this mess is to buy from an authorized dealer. Not every dealer is an authorized dealer it doesn't mean they sell fakes but it's not worth rolling the dice.

just looked through this.  interesting thread.  

i use mineral oil to keep non-stainless blades from oxidizing.  just wipe a very light coating on with a rag or towel after cleaning the blade.  currently, my only non-stainless knife is a bark river gameskeeper.  A great knife, though i ended up roughing up the scales a little with some very fine grit sandpaper so it would have a better grip.  bark river's micarta scales are very smooth - they look great, very durable, but slick, especially when wet.  

Regarding Opinel, used to be my favorite.  Light, easy to fold away, locking ring, excellent carbon steel for the blade, very inexpensive.  easy to sharpen, not stainless.  they sell them with stainless blades now.

A few issues with them.  First, if you use them around water a lot (i used to guide canoe trips), the beech wood handles can swell and make the knife pretty difficult to open, plus it can affect how easily and thoroughly you can rotate the locking ring.  Second, the wood handles are slick when wet.  I have a nice scar on one thumb from an Opinel #6 that slipped while i was cleaning a fish.  haven't used one since.  

the two knives i use most are a relatively new Fallkniven PXL wh and a Spyderco Paramilitary i have had for a while.  i like them for similar reasons - good, grippy handle, easy to open, locking blades that don't accidentally unlock, great knife steel, the right size for me.  and both very well made, will last for a long time.  both reviewed on this site:

Andrew...Bark River does have some slick scales I agree. I have a Gunny and a 2009 custom micro tusk love them both and my Blackjack which they make. Alot of people do the same as you did to the scales and I can't blame ya. I also got a Blackjack tomahawk Bark River made. 

I have yet to buy a pm2 from spyderco I've heard nothing but good things about them. I got another spyderco on the way to me right now. 

I've wanted to pull the trigger on a Fallkniven for awhile but haven't. I'll have to read your review and see if it gives me that extra nudge I need.

You can always do a forced patina to your knives which is basically good rust or you can use it and build a patina up over time. Mineral oil is the best if your gonna use your knife for food prep. I forced a patina on my spyderco K2 and it's worked out great still never oiled it and I carry it alot.

Andrew.....if you didn't know your knife was selected by the Southern training units of the Marine Corps Force Recon along with a bunch of other knives in the end 2 knives were left standing one was yours. With some communication and some tweaking it became the Bravo 1. So your knife has an interesting history to it. Thought you may find that interesting.

A great protection for any knife, sheath and much more is Ren-Wax.

Its easily used, isn't greasy, doesn't really have to be polished right away unless you care to, and is used on million dollar pieces of art, etc, And a little goes a long way.

Prices vary like crazy on the net.

Old Guide....I know a few guys that use that. I've been told it's the choice of museums too.

I've used Obenhaufs on my leather and Clp on my knives or do a forced patina. I got more kydex know so I don't have as much leather to treat anymore which is nice but leather is nicer than kydex.

Please check your states laws on autos before buying this next knife. This I'd the Spyderco Autonomy. The blade locks closed or open. It was designed for the US Coast Guard. It also opens underwater and is made of H1 steel so it will not rust.




I just now realized that it  says .....I'd instead Also you don't have to disassemble the knife to access the spring which is a choil spring. The button is oversized so it's easy to use with gloved hands and while cold the button is on the left side of the knife and the clip can be moved to the right or left side.

Have no fear I have more knives and hawks on order! Some will be here this week some next week along with my glock 10mm build and a glock 42 another custom made hawk a galco leather holster for my new 10mm and ankle holster for the 42 both with mag holders and a boot knife.So picks will start showing this week.

I'll get some pictures up soon of some knives that came while I was gone and knives I had at work in my locker I brought home. Here is 1 I've had I never showed yall it's a permanent part of my collection. The box is not correct for that knife it's sitting on top of my buddies box while we were showing off are William Henry Knives. My 10mm upper still hasn't shown up but I was told it could take upto 2 months. My hawk is still on a wait blade show slowed the maker up which is fine I had the spyderco hawk show up to keep me busy and alot of other spyderco knives and others. I'll get to taking pics soon.

Sorry all. I've been busy playing at work and just flat out haven't gotten around to taking any pictures of any of the knives I've gotten or brought home. I'm finally back at home and I will get to taking some pictures ASAP. I can't honestly speak to how most of them preform because I haven't used the majority of them I can only speak to fit and finish and 1 especially is way over rated and 1 did make its way on to my plate carrier and that 1 has preformed exellent and I will single those 2 out. I hope to have pictures up tomorrow at some point. If your interested Spyderco,Hinderer,Spartan,Al Mar, CRKT,Benchmade,Southern Grind,and others will be making appearances. 




There ya go I think that's almost all of them. I got a few stragglers around here I think 2 Bark Rivers and a Leatherman juice but I think everything else is pictured in this thread. The Benchmade is an auto so check your local laws on carrying one and the newer models have a pocket clip and a blade lock mine is also sterile  (it has no markings on it) this was the way these were given to use I never carried mine or used it. The first group is all spydercos and I wanted to show the pocket clips,2nd group is a Hinderer XM 3.5 spanto,Al Mar SERE 2000, Southern Grind Bad Monkey, and a fixed blade Gryphon knives M10, Borus sniper (blue handle ),and Benchmade AFO,3rd group is 2 Spartan Blades and a CRKT ax and the spyderco hawk or the Szabohawk.

The 2 I'm gonna single out are the Gryphon Knives M10 and the Hinderer. The M10 is a great single edged knife I actually got 2 I liked the 1 so much it's light it holds a edge and just flat out preforms one lives on my plate carrier that I use at work and the other has been on me constantly when I'm off. I love it!  The Hinderer. Save your money! Learn from my buy and get a ZT and you will be happy you did. The Hinderer doesn't flip as well is smaller than the ZT 0562 that is 3.72 and doest feel as good in hand (they maybe discontinuing this model) I waited till the price dropped on Hinderers but some paid 600 and 800 for 1! They are at the 400+ mark now and I'll say it they are not worth it! Get a ZT or a Chris Reeves Sebenza and you will be much happier sure a Chris Reeves Sebenza is a 400+ knife but with the history the customer service and over all package you get its absolutely worth the money. This is just my opinion take it with a grain of salt.

Sorry for the bad pics I'm not feeling so hot today.

A fine collection indeed

Thank you Old Guide. Coming from you that is truly a complement. I appreciate it alot ! 

Some new thing I've picked up lately. I finished my 1 Glock build and got a Glock knife and for an inexpensive knife I gotta say that the Glock knives are worth it! The tomahawk is an RMJ Beserker and I actually have 2. One is with a buddy getting beaten up. I love them but if your not a hawk fan or don't know how to use one your much better off with a saw. They don't handle like axes or hatchets and you can seriously injure yourself. The ESEE Izula-II well what can I say that hasn't been said before....just buy one! The Pro-Tech Godfather is an auto and very well built and flips hard I love it for around town but for hard use I still prefer my Spyderco Auto.



September 27, 2020
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