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So i'm looking for a new sleeping bag for my first extended hiking trip (Northern Michigan on the NCT). My pack currently is just sporting a wool blanket... but, at about 5 lbs... it's no bueno. So I'm looking for a bag that meets the following requirements:

1) As light as possible, with an included compression bag.

2) Packable to a size that will allow it to fit easily within my Large ALICE pack, not on the outside. (YES... I know all about my ALICE pack and its weight. It is what it is.)

3) Rated to 0 degrees up to 20 degrees farenheight. But no more, or less than that margin.

4) Price 150 dollars or below. This is the most crucial part. I can bend on the rest to an extent... but I absolutely will not/cannot spend more than that. Cheaper the better.

Kelty down bag.

i'm not wedded to any particular website or brand, but i have had really good luck with sleeping bags from sunny sports.  great sale prices.  you can look for yourself.

at your price point and need, you're probably looking at a synthetic fill bag.  the north face cats meow is a good, solid synthetic bag you should be able to find on sale well within your range.  same for the marmot trestles, mountain hardwear lamina.  bags with the same name are often available in 0, 20, and 40 degrees.  zero degree synthetic bags will weigh more, might be close to or exceeding 5 pounds, whereas any of these made for 20 degrees should be around 3, 3 1/2 pounds. 


Sometimes Steep and Cheap has really good deals. You might have some luck there. 

September 28, 2020
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