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HELP - Finding piece of apparel

So I was watching "Dual Survival" and Matt Graham was wearing a hat that I really want, however I don't even know where to begin to find it. I was wondering if any of you could take a look at the pic and give me some insight. Thanks.


looks like a Stetson or similar.  Wool felt.

if you want something a little more functional, Filson sells hats made out of their oil-impregnated 'tin' canvas that are pretty water-repellent and look somewhat similar.  unless you get a perfect fit, though, the tin fabric is unforgiving and may not feel nearly as comfortable as a felt Stetson.


Felt hats are made mostly with rabbit fur, with some beaver.  Any western wear store will have a bunch of them.  They are very functional. You can tell which people in the West wear brimmed hats from the ones that don't by the amount of age spots they have on their faces. Expect to spend $100 and up for a felt hat.

Wool felt is cheaply made and will not stand up to rain.

It looks a lot like my pony Stetson. You can buy them in different felts. Beaver being worth a few hundred dollars and rabbit being the cheaper of the mix. If you get one make sure you have some way to block it in case it gets wet. They lose there shape quickly. 

Paul where did you buy yours? do you have a website online that you can reference that sells the hat?

A quality felt hat will never lose its shape.  Quality is hard to judge because there is no standard for the x rating. Each company has their own system.  A Resistol in 6x can be better quality than a Bailey 50 x.  Cost is a rough guide.  Akubras made in Australia are 100 % rabbit felt, but good quality. Better hats usually have rabbit felt with a small amount of beaver felt. Beaver hats start around $350 and go up from there.

Avoid felt hats with a wire in the rim.

Rabbit fur hats are quite serviceable and will last for years.

There are many custom hat makers out there.

I have a couple of hats I found at antique stores that have been cleaned and had new liners and sweat bands, that are really nice.

Be aware that there is hat etiquette, especially in the West. Most places you can wear a felt hat in a bar, but never at the dinner table. Tip your hat to a lady, and it is a show of respect to take your hat off when you are introduced to a woman or man with status. The rules vary when it comes to wearing a hat in the house. When in doubt, take it off.

Wear a felt hat with pride, and find one to suit your personality. Not all are western looking. Your dermatologist will thank you.

August 4, 2020
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