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Snow Peak 600 Ti Mug - Lid???

Got a Snow Peak Ti 600 mug for Christmas - Love the mug, btw...

Was looking around for a lid/cover for it...  Been searching a bit, but can't seem to locate one...

Anyone have any leads on where I can find a lid?  Any hacks for a lids for this mug?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

I don't know of any in Ti, but you can get Aluminum lids for the SP 600 mugs from Minibulldesign.

Here is a link to the product page at their website.

I have several of his products and have been well pleased so far.

Another option is from Ruta Locura :

Carbon Fiber lid, 8 g (0.28oz)

I have one of those , you can pick them up at any time because they don't get hot.

(you hold them by the rim)

Four dog will make them. they are very nice. I own one, and love it. Cist like $14 plus shippibg i think, which was the only downside.

i cant remember the web site off hand. But its four dog wood stoves.

August 15, 2020
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