Pack Mule Frame USER Review?

10:58 a.m. on January 15, 2016 (EST)
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Hello there,

I have recently become aware of the Pack Mule external rucksack frame which is presently not available directly in the UK.

I have seen the reviews on the vendor(s) site(s) and a few on Youtube but I'm looking for slightly longer term user reviews.

My work involves rural security (patrols/observations) so I'm often on the move across country/through woodland - think hunting but with a camera rather than a firearm.  (I also use the same set up with some of the load swapped out for  bush craft type outings).                                                    

I carry a pack load of approximately 45lbs, equipped for a days work but which can extend to 48 hours.  I'm currently using a modified (old) North face Big Shot rucksack with additional (detachable) hip-belt-mounted and rucksack side mounted pouches.  (I prefer the compact dimensions of the Big Shot to some of the taller alpine style packs - even though have altered it).

The ruck is reasonably comfortable but with a few drawbacks -

The original shoulder strap set up was designed for a lighter load and can become a bit uncomfortable after half a dozen hours or so. Even with the modified hip belt, load transfer to the hips isn't quite correct as the belt sits a little too high (it was originally only a 30+ litre daypack);                                                                               

With the ruck dismounted, when I remove items from the main body the side pouches can cause the ruck to 'cave-in';

Ventilation between the ruck and my back is limited (partly due to the load transfer to hips issue) as the ruck is totally in contact with my back along its full length.

The Pack Mule looks like it might be a solution. (the fold-out seat would be a bonus for my stated activities).

I'm 5'11 and weigh about 210lbs - torso length (according to Pack Mule measuring method = 21 inches).

Shipping costs to the UK are way beyond ridiculous so I need to get the research right before I make a commitment.

I have only seen relatively short reviews and only one negative and that one suggested that the frames have been out since the early 00's. I am aware that a Pack Mule II has only recently been released. 

I would appreciate any feedback from members of this site.





July 15, 2019
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