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Sleeping bag size for short person


I am a really short man (somewhere between 5'3 and 5'4) and I was wondering which sleeping bag size I should be looking. FF has two sizes : 6' and 5'6. 
Some people are saying longer is better to keep gear, other people are saying shorter is better to keep warm. So I am starting to get confuse. I will use it for winter camping and mountaineering.

Thanks for your time :)

I use one slightly longer than me...I am right at 6 ft and usually go with a 6 6 bag for winter. Air space does seem to Cool off faster, but it doesn't do that when I stuff (lightly) the foot with gear. I love waking up and putting on warm clothes rather than cold ones. Also keep my Sawyer filter down there wrapped up in a couple of ziplocs to keep it from freezing.

So a 6' bag for a 5'4 person would be fine ? You dont find it that painful to have wet clothes close to your feet ?

Not wet clothes...just dry ones for the morning like a hat gloves and fleece or puffy. Wet stuff stays out...especially with a down bag. If you are considering a FF bag, I would discuss it with them a bit as they get orders from all over vs just a few people's perspective. Having said that, my personal opinion...if I had an inch or two clearance I would probably go for the smaller bag. My height has me pushing the limits of the 6 ft bag with no wiggle room.

I have seen the FF bags (in their Seattle shop) but I am not familiar at all with the internal dimensions* so I would also suggest you do check with FF .

(*Does 5'6" mean a tight fit 5'6" or loose fitting for a 5'6" person ?)

Still, I would be confident in saying that if they are wide enough for you then the 2" to spare on the 5'6" bag should be enough to take some (under) clothing .

It makes a big difference on the inside temperature if you don't keep pumping out warm air.

That is easier to do if you don't toss and turn (like I do...) and or don't have all that much air to move. 

The other night ,for fun, I measured , in my bedroom,the air temperature (59f) and the air temp inside my blankets in the air gap between my knees and chest , curled up (78 f !!!).

Now all those calories I spent warming that space up are lost every time I turn and let the air escape.

Sounds like the 5'6" is for you.  To long is a waste.

As a mountaineer weight is important so a 3/4 length pad is also a good idea and you can keep your pack and/or rope under your legs.  You can also buy a lighter sleeping bag and just sleep in the extra clothes you already brought along. 

I am Mr. Average size so pretty much everything is made for me.  At 5'10" all 6' bags fit me perfectly.

I use the extra space in my bag for my boot inserts, mittens, clothes and fuel for the stove. I've had no problems with staying warm.

I'm 5'10" 160lbs. my bag is a Western Mountaineering Puma GWS (long)

The sleeping pad is a NEMO Cosmo Insulated 25L


October 30, 2020
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