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does anyone have any information about this backpack?

It was given to me by a friend and wanted to learn more about it yet I can not find any information about this particular pack online or about the brand "Trekk". If you have any knowledge of this pack additional information about it would be greatly appreciated thank you  

Probably a cheap knock off sold at places like Big 5, which is just a historical footnote.  Does it fit?  Is it comfortable with a load?  Just from your picture, it is probably workable (if it fits), for day hikes or maybe an overnight...

Undoubtedly worth every penny you paid for it.....

I found a reference to a similar Trekk branded pack sold by a generic camping and fishing store for $200. It sold on line, used, for $30.

There is a Trekk brand now but not related to the one you have (different logo and spelled with one K reversed)

Sheldon, give it a good testing on an overnighter or two and tell us how it performs. 

December 1, 2020
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