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DIY hammock underquilt

I'm trying to make a wind resistant ultrlight underquilt, good to around 30 degrees, and I have a few questions.

1.  What is the best shell material available?  External layer, and internal layer.  Argon .67 has been recommended on a few pages that I'v read.  Does anyone have any experience?

2.  Would baffles made of mesh/mosquito net material cut weight, and still hold the down in place effectively enough?

3.  How much 850 fp down to fill a full sized underquilt to the 30 degree limit?

4.  What kind of thread is best? UV treated polyester?

5.  Any other ideas/suggestions?

Thank You!

The BEST material available for an under-quilt is the lightest down-proof nylon you can source within your budget...because a quilt a few ounces heavier is better than no quilt. Argon 67 is very light .67oz/yard and Dutchware has it for $10/yard (plus Dutch has AMAZING customer service).

Not sure mesh would save weight...the lightest I have been able to source is around .67oz/yard (from Dutch again) so I don't see how it will save weight...but it will save a little cash at $3.25/yard...might compress slightly faster in you're in a hurry.

It all depends on the volume of your quilt...850 down = 1 oz down fills 850 cubic inches. On average for 2.5 inches of loft (gets you somewhere around a 30 degree bag) you can expect to use somewhere around 11 oz of 850 down...but you should definitely multiply the length + width + height of your bag to get an accurate volume.

I wouldn't really worry about special thread other than using a 100% polyester thread by a well-known manufacturer. What good is UV thread if the rest of your nylon quilt is not UV protected...and typically your quilt is used when it is the sun is really not much of a concern.

September 18, 2020
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