Help! Selecting performance bottoms for adventure race.

9:16 a.m. on July 15, 2016 (EDT)
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Hi Trailspace Community,

I've been convinced to join a team for a day-long adventure race. Foolhardy? Perhaps! It involves trail running, mountain biking and kayaking in the hilly backcountry of central Maine. I need a bottom I can wear for the entire race, most likely a  performance tight. Any suggestions? The race is next Thursday!

2:36 p.m. on July 15, 2016 (EDT)
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The sliding shorts that we wear for softball are great at preventing chafing if you can find some that wick also that is what I'd use

9:23 a.m. on July 18, 2016 (EDT)
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Thanks John! I'm really looking for a full-coverage pant. It's going to be a fiesta of thorns, ticks and mud out there!

9:33 a.m. on July 18, 2016 (EDT)
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Anything Powershield should work well. I have an old pair of Patagonia Guide pants made of them to and they're the bees' knees...light, breathable, and extremely water resistant.

10:49 a.m. on July 18, 2016 (EDT)
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Sorry Seth no recommendations; I've considered such tights myself but just can't seem to pull the trigger. I know it's performance wear and perfectly acceptable but....I ...just can't do it. :)


On some summer hikes when I know I'm just going to pour sweat on the way up the mountain, I'll only wear a pair of thin, knee-length underwear for the hot ascent (no shirt) so as not to immediately mess up my other clothes for the weekend and I pretend they're "bicycle shorts" to make it seem ok. But they're really just underwear. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have shared that....


1:25 p.m. on July 18, 2016 (EDT)
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Seth. you're a beast!  I'm envious of your badassery! 

You're going to kill it. 

Sorry no tights recommendations though. 

2:00 p.m. on July 18, 2016 (EDT)
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I've only used them in winter...I can't say one brand is better than another..I"ve used Nike and brooks ...I was thinking of telling you a 3/4 because its summer..But you posted about thorns...Whichever you get the material is thin and will snag on them..But it will increase body heat...Maybe Alicia will have a good reccomendation...BTW have someone take pics and post them.Goodluck..

12:47 p.m. on July 20, 2016 (EDT)
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Haha. I doubt I'm going to enter beast mode on this jaunt. Thanks for the modesty considerations Patman. I'll probably put on some thin nylon shorts over, out of consideration for my teammates. I'll be rocking my Trailspace hat, and will try to get pictures before, during and after the race!

4:54 p.m. on July 20, 2016 (EDT)
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curious what you chose.  long tights wouldn't be my choice in summer, i sweat too much.  really liked the mypakage underthings i tested under shorts.

my favorite long/winter tights are saucony, i like that they unzip a little at the ankle.  

9:59 a.m. on July 21, 2016 (EDT)
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I went with a pair of "Nike Pro Combat" tights. They're exceptionally light. But, I'm expecting to end up exceptionally sweaty anyways.

10:17 a.m. on July 25, 2016 (EDT)
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Pictures to come. I have to say that my Nike Pro Combat tights worked very well. Despite temps in the 90's, they kept my legs at the same level of sweaty misery as the rest of my body. I didn't get a single tick, nor any poison ivy, nor any sunburn. They were a little snagged and wrecked with thorns, but they preformed admirably!

11:10 a.m. on July 26, 2016 (EDT)
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Credit: Photo courtesy of Strong Machine Adventure Racing.

That's me and my team-mates from this weekend's Maine Summer Adventure Race. You can't see the Nike bottoms, thankfully, but you can see that we are all fairly hot after a run, kayak and bike ride in the 90 degree heat.

April 8, 2020
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