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OR Croc Gaiters

I picked up a pair of these today but am not sure if I bought the right size.  The size chart on the tag  say I should be using a large or even could go XL.  But when I put them on my boots and tightened them up the mediums seem best.  I am using these with a light hike and light pants.  I was in shorts so will have to see how they feel with long pants.  Anyone use these am have an idea what size should be used for a size 11 boot. 

I use OR Rocky Mountain Low gaiters with size 11 boots. Just looked at mine and they say L/XL so that doesn't help. They fit well for me.

I use the Large size OR Crocs with good result on my boots that range from 11-13. I think I tried Medium first and found they didn't cover the top of the boot well enough for my taste. So long as you can adjust them down to fit relatively well I think I'd opt for the larger size when it comes to gaiters. That leaves you room in case you get a bigger (on the outside) boot and plenty of room for more leg insulation.

Well in doing a little searching it seems the size is more aligned to your calf size.  The MED seem to fit well but I am going to try them out today with several different boots and clothing and see.  

The Crocs are also designed for winter use so thicker boots, pants, socks, etc. If you are using them for summer they will need to be a little smaller so you get a tighter fit. 

That said, they are not very breathable, and far overkill for summer use. If I were you I'd look at some lower height/higher breathability ones.

For what's it's worth- I wear a size 11.5 and use the L/XL version.

i use these for winter hiking/climbing and plastic double boots - scarpa invernos.  i need the large/extra large size to accommodate those boots, size 12, but i would imagine a smaller size would be fine with 3 season boots.

for summer, to the extent i wear gaiters, i use short ankle-high eVent ones.   

Sounds about right... I've got a pair of OR Crocs, size M for extreme mud, or cold weather. I'm using a Lowa backpacking boot, size 10.5/44. Plenty of adjustment room, unless your looking at either what LoneStranger or andrew f. mentioned. 

Happy hiking!

I also have the L/XL OR crocs. Perfect fit for winter boots and heavier clothing. They are indeed a bit too big over summer footwear/clothing but they still function adequately. I tend to only use them in the winter though.

August 7, 2020
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