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Duluth Trading winter full synthetic pants

Just ordered a pair of "Dry-on-the-Fly cargo pants for winter.

They have a "100% nylon" shell and a 200 weight polyester fleece lining, all for $89. with free shipping. 

-> 5.6 oz. nylon shell

-> double knees and seat

-> gusseted crotch

-> web belt W/plastic QR plastic buckled

Etc., etc.

Best winter pants I've seen for both around town and hiking.

Eric B.

Oh yeah, nylon shell, fleece lined Rail Riders pants are a "mere" $130. and do not have all the nice features found on the DT Dry-on-the-Fly nylon pants.

Duluth Trading also gives you the "No Bull" guarantee if you just don't like an item (ret'd unused) or quality of workmanship down the road. (Say it begins to fall apart with average use.) 

Jus' saying'...

I don't know about their winter pants, but their unlined summer dry on the fly pants are great in warmer climes - shorts are available ,as well.  Generally Duluth Trading puts out pretty good stuff.  Just a satisfied customer, no commercial relationship.

January 21, 2021
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