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socks for 5+ mile hikes

Hi all,

I am going on a long hike next weekend and I want to break in some new hiking shoes. I want to buy something to prevent blisters and to keep my feet warm. I will be hiking near snow, somewhere between 5-10 miles with a backpack.

Do you guys recommend wool? Synthetic? Where should I buy?



I always suggest two pairs of socks.  An inner pair that you might regularly wear with dress shoes:  relatively thin, soft, and used to your feet.


And a second pair of heavier hiking socks---there are a million brands--that will fill up any loose areas in your boots or shoes.  It's not one brand or the other, per se, it's the system that really works.

Good idea. Wool socks are hard to beat, and the thin inner liner of synthetic material really helps prevent blisters.

A blister is a burn due to friction. So try to make sure your foot does not move inside the shoes.

At the same time don't have the shoe/socks combo too tight because that can cut circulation making your feet cold.

December 1, 2020
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