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Granite Gear Nimbus Trace questions

In my eternal search to find the right pack for me, I'm considering the Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access pack in either the 60 or 70 liter size. Something for carrying loads between 20 and 40 pounds but occasionally quite a bit more if I'm hauling forestry tools. I like the fit, which is rare enough for me. I've tried Ospreys and Gregorys and mostly thought they were uncomfortable.

The unique thing about the pack seems to be the "maple core" framesheet. Not quite sure what that means, but it felt stiff and strong in the store. Would be interested in people's opinions from real world use.

Also, any experience dealing with the company itself? Good customer service? 

Make no bones about it you form a relationship with your pack.  One person's perfect match may be another's nightmare.  Blind dates (buying without trying) are not advised.

A pack is like a suit, it must fit well or it'll ride you like a cheap suit.  In fact it must fit you specifically.  And we cannot make that determination herein. 

Hey, if you're comfortable wearing it, and it fills the purpose, that is all that matters (well for the most part anyway).


Thanks for or the advice. Luckily I've been able to try on the pack with some weight in it and I liked it. At this point just interested in long term strength and durability.

I don't have any direct experience with Granite Gear, but a good friend of mine has a GG Nimbus, I believe it is the 60L version and he loves it. He had an Osprey Aether 70 before that and he said that he finds the GG pack much more comfortable and better engineered in general.

So take that for what it's worth, a 3rd hand opinion.

no experience with the packs or the company.  friends use their packs and like both the relatively light weight and the durability - some would say surprisingly durable considering how lightweight they are.  

Thanks everyone... I think I'm going to order a Nimbus Trace 60. Maybe in a year or two I can review it here on Trailspace!

It is an excellent pack - the offspring of the original Nimbus Meridian which was used by Justin Lichter for 10,000 miles without destroying itself.  Best thing about that pack is the interchangeable hipbelt and shoulder harness.

August 14, 2020
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