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Moosejaw purchased - by Walmart

Walmart bought Moosejaw for $51 million the other day.  (Walmart also owns and, by the way).  Wonder what how this might impact a pretty solid online retailer of quality gear....

I guess we will be seeing a lot of smiley faces on their website?

Quality of the gear will inevitably go down. Wal-Mart too price sensitive.

at least for now, it looks like moose jaw will continue as a stand-alone site.  the article I read more or less said 'you won't start seeing Patagonia at Walmart,' or words to that effect.  

So now when I call Moosejaw and ask if they have something, first I'll have to find an employee, then interrupt their conversation to an other employee about their sister's illegitimate baby with her boyfriend who is facing jail for drug possession charges.  Once they finish their talk and I ask if they have an item they'll tell me, "I dunno, lets go look."

This is when I say, "No thanks I can wander aimlessly through the website (store) on my own thank you very much without following someone who smells bad. 

I made exactly one purchase from Moosejaw. They messed it up so badly I never used them again (sent wrong item, charged me for the return, then instead of refunding the return, they billed me again for it).

All that "whimsy-ness" on their site? Well, it's cute until you need actual customer service.

So I don't really care that Walmart bought them. IMO they can only improve from the experience I had with them.  

I personally haven't spent a dime at MJ in the past and probably won't in the future, but I do have to give them credit where credit is due...they understand and embrace the typically younger, social media-driven outdoor gear/apparel consumer better than most online retailers do. We'll see if this changes that approach.

I have never ordered anything from them. I seen a few items I was looking into and other sites had better prices..I don't get the point or ( MJ Credit?) on the high end gear buying when you spend alot...

They have a great sense of humor, sadly they went from a great online store to selling the trend versus solid gear. Will quality go down? Nope, their generic gear was non-existent. How they market will be interesting to see. TJMax and Seirra Trading Post are the only similar corporate relationship that I know of. Maybe this will be  a good thing.

September 23, 2020
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