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Sierra Madre Research quilts

Hey TS community,

Just saw this new kickstarter for 0° & 30° top and bottom quilts by Sierra Madre Research.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with their gear? Looks like some quality stuff and the price isn't bad either. Considering upgrading my warm weather hammock quilts with the 30° system. 

I currently have the Hennessey expedition asym zip with the super shelter and a therma rest 30° top quilt. The smr is boasting all 800 fill power which would be a huge upgrade I think.

I'd be interested to see other trailspace community thoughts on this.

Upgrade?  Unless I am getting a significant boost in performance or meaningful reduction in weight, I usually use my current gear until worn out.  Most of the time I need to budget for replacements thereof, but don't mind upgrading while I am at it.

Now if you just happen to have coin burning a hole in your pocket and need to get rid of it, I'll PM you my data and you can send it to me!



September 27, 2020
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