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Pocket for tent

Hey folks,

Looking for a small and light pocket for inside a tent that will clip to a couple of spots and hang from the roof. I looked for reviews but saw only gear lofts which I don't like as much...just need something small for odds and ends I want to find easily. Anyone use something similar? Not interested in disrespect intended to DIY folks...I am as likely to sew my fingers together as make a decent pocket!

I've got two of these (one on a pack, one in a tent). I'm with you, although I'd love to be able to create exactly at I want through DIY, I just don't possess the skill or materials/equipment. 

Use one of those pincher style black steel spring clamps used to secure loose paper reports to secure a zip lock bag to the tent.  See thru is nice; And easy to make.


I bought myself a small pouch at Daiso, and ran some utility cord through the drawstring pockets to make a neck pouch out of it. You might try that.

The net from a frozen turkey and a small biner to hang it from a loft loop works pretty well. Not for heavy items but great for glasses, headlamp and a book.

Bags that onions come when sold in the 50lb. bags are perfect for that application as they are an open weave netting. Just go to the store and talk to the guy in produce and they most likely will be more than happy to help you out. They are large and can be cut into any shape, or just use the bottom of the bag, and you can sew boarders and clips if you want to take it to the next level. Plus they are disposable. You should have an easy time fining them but let me know if you can't as I get them all the time.

I use a small mesh bag like this. It weighs only a few grams and has a drawstring closure. It also has a small hang loop, you'd have to rig up your own way of hanging it from your shelter.

Thanks folks...just what I expected from this group...several great suggestions for me to ponder and enjoy between trips.

I just use one gallon ziplocks for such.  Then again, I use them for a ton of stuff.  They are also good for field expedient plastic repairs.  I never leave home without a couple.  I once had to split one and use it in lieu of a lost gas cap on my car to assure proper vacuum.  Like duct tape, you'll be surprised what a ziplock can actually be used for.

While at the local Goodwill today I happened upon a package of decorative fish netting for  $4.99 that is 5x12ft. 50 sq. ft., now my calculator says 60 sq. ft.  When I saw this, I thought of this post and I thought with just a little bit of ingenuity one could make some real fine gear lofts and pockets out of 50-60 square feet of decorative, light weight, fish netting.  I think it's cotton but I've not opened the package as of yet.  Made in Mexico

Another great find was a Kelty Flight 60 spectra grid stop back pack body, pockets, hood and accessories............minus the hip belt and the internal stays for $5.  The pack is exactly the same a s the Kelty Flight 4500 as far as I can tell and since I have a 4500 it was a nice find for the day.

I also hang a lot of my tents in mesh laundry bags that would make good material for pockets and lofts.

September 27, 2020
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