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kelly kettle trekker aluminium

OK, i am  planning on this 200 mile hike in England and as it is a remote hike i have been thinking about  bringing my Kelly kettle trekker  and its cook set.

as you do not have to worry about running out of fuel !.

i do have lightweight titanium cook sets  but you can add 520 grams on to it by the time you add a 5oo mil bottle of meths (which brings the weight up-to about 765 grams or more and the Kelly trekker aluminium with cook set and hobo stove is 945 grams) and if you run out of meths  then you are in a survival situation.

I would really like to know your opinion on this  cheers !.

You carry the constant weight of the Kelly kettle throughout your trip, while the weight of your fuel decreases daily. If you run out of fuel, you simply build an open cooking fire - hardly a survival situation. Carry enough fuel or have some sort of backup (esbit tabs??)

How well does the Kelly kettle work when it is raining and the fuel is dampish?

WELL ON THE WHOLE I REALLY LIKE  THE Kelly kettle trekker aluminium  especially  with the hobo stove and grill  the trivet is a little heavy for what it is . i have messed around with the M kettle but i am not keen on that it creates way two much smoke.i would replace the pot set out of the kelly kettle cookset with on of my titanium pots

I’d say size and weight wise it looks to be comparable with the Jetboil products especially when you add in fuel. The real question is how long do you want to wait for your meal, ya know prep time and would you rather carry an extra canister or 2 or the added weight of the esbit cubes for foul weather as Hikmor suggests. It’s been my experience with the cubes it usually requires 2 per boil in cold weather And cooking would possibly Be even more. When your tired after the long miles you will have to put in day after day, will the Treker be worth the effort. You have to decide. I say sometimes yes sometimes no. 

Let us know what you decide.

Where are you going and how wet will it be?

I just got back from a 200 mile walk across Scotland. Debated on bringing my wood burning insert for my stove but went with my alcohol option with Esbit as a backup. I don't mind the extra time to boil as I always have a pre-dinner snack at camp anyway. While there looked to be some opportunities to use natural fuel, even a dry Scotland is wet...would have been smoky cooking so I don't regret leaving it behind.

well after weeks of messing around with all my cook sets  and stoves in a large variety of configurations i have gone back to using my trangia 27 UL/HA with the non stick fry pan and 1 of the bowls being non stick and the kettle ( as it is so sexy !)especially when you include the gel fuel /solid fuel burner option plus it works brilliantly .

i am sick and tired of using gram weeny titanium numbers that just about boil 500 mil of water let alone the sin of using solid fuel tabs . im not going to name any names regarding brands  . i know all this is dependent on if you are just re-hydrating  a freeze dried meal then the titanium gear is great .horses for courses !.

November 25, 2020
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