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First step is to admit you have a problem...

Just wondering if anyone else has a similar selection of hiking footwear (boots or trail shoes) or focuses on one or two pairs at a time...admittedly some of these are for  my work in the field rather than recreational but that still leaves about four pairs for walking although two were Trailspace test items so not purchased.  I also should admit that I was wearing another pair of boots while taking the photo!

A common afflication Phil.  Then I have western and riding boots. telemark boots, snow boots, and boot boots.  We just need to admit we have a footwear fetish. It is great to be well shod. 

13959B40-2E47-4FD7-B034-D3E22E3BD398.jpgYes I admit it. I’m a card carrying member of Boots Anonymous . Why one pair my salomons sat in the box in the closet for 5yrs. I just can’t help myself. But thru the help of BA, here recently I was finally able to give and throw away about 5 other pair.

 don’t focus on any particular brand but do tend to have more of the Merrel. brand due to the fact that I keep running in my old buddy On Clearance 

p.s. I ’t Really took a whole lot of support from the group when I gave away my combat hikers, I had just gotten them broke in! I think im still going thru withdraws

Sometime in the distant past I posted a picture of maybe 30 pairs of shoes and boots, but including running shoes and various kinds of ski boots. My wife calls me Imelda...

Found it! Looks more like 22 pairs, not so many of them actual hiking boots...

Well that makes me feel better! I may have to use this photo next time my wife mentions the piles of boots!

I refuse to take an incriminating photo, but here is a rough inventory.

-4 ankle-length boots (1 recently tested for trailspace), the oldest are 10-11 years old;

-1 pair of low hikers

-2 pair of approach shoes, one of which is beat up and about to get relegated. these top 7 pair are shoes i actually hike in regularly.

-insulated winter snow boots - barely worn in Maryland but nice for some winter walks and great for snowshoeing.

-plastic double boots for winter hiking in NH/NY

other categories:

-1 pair of running shoes

-1 pair nordic ski boots

-7 pair of sandals (chaco, keen, etc)(2 pair i tested for trailspace) 

-relegation: so worn they aren't worthy for anything more than beater purposes, but i keep them around. I have four or five pair in this category that live in the basement. 

Hiking/outdoors footwear:

1 pair Asolo Alta Via mountaineering boots

1 pair Sorel Conquest cold weather boots

1 pair Keen Koven Polar winter hiking boots

1 pair Lowa Camino GTX hiking boots

2 pairs Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boots

1 pair Salewa Mountain Trainer L hiking shoes

1 pair Oboz Sawtooth hiking shoes

I also have a pair of trail runners and 2 pairs steel toes for work. If one of those pairs of footwear isn’t appropriate for a social function, I don’t go LOL

One pair of boots- Keen Targee ii's

One pair of trail runners- New Balance Summit Unknown

Eight least until the guy on Facebook marketplace gets back from vacation and I can pick up a MSR Grasshopper for $40. :-(

"The Only Gear You Have to Fear is Gear Itself"---Frankie Roosevelt, our first and only backpacking president.

2 pairs trail runners brooks cacascades 9...One pair Rachels still...perged stuff a year ago...

wasn't Theodore Roosevelt also something of a backpacker?

Tipi Walter said:

"The Only Gear You Have to Fear is Gear Itself"---Frankie Roosevelt, our first and only backpacking president.

 He was quite the quotable outdoors man: "Walk softy and carry a big flask."



"I can stop buying backpacking gear any time I want. I've done it hundreds of times."

Eric B.

Problem? Was on Mansfield last week when I noticed that my Standards were starting to drop a few bottom stitches.
DSC04072.jpg Took them in to the cobbler this morning and this pair of Light Weights followed me home.

No problem!!

November 25, 2020
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