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six years ago, I did my first review of a sunscreen product. while it's not 'gear' in the traditional sense, I probably wear it more regularly than anything, except maybe bug repellant. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has been a great product for me, our family uses it regularly.

This summer, I am experimenting with some alternatives that are more environmentally friendly for reefs and perhaps healthier for people. I just posted one review of Badger's zinc oxide sunscreen, and I'm using another brand that I will review later in the summer. feel free to comment.

Rocky Mountain is by far the most comfortable sunscreen I ever used.  It leaves no oily or sticky feeling residue.  Can't find it in the stores, but some park service visitor centers stock it.  And also there is the web site (mentioned by the OP).


Use it or lose body parts. 

Never been a big fan of sunscreen, particularly on my face. My solution has been to wear a wide-brimmed hat (OR Sombriolet, as evidenced by my profile picture) for almost any outdoor venture, except for maybe biking or climbing. Good to know about the Rocky Mountain brand. Maybe I'll check that out. 

I have been wearing brimmed western hats since I studied range management in the early 1970s.  They are a great help, but on the water or at high elevations you are still going to get burned on the lower part of your face.  Sunscreen is still important. 

I, too, also don't like sun screen on my face.  I've always worn a hat since a young lad.  Nowadays I bring an umbrella/sun parasol, and use it when it get hot -I can go hatless and be cooler under the shade.  Alas arms and legs still need protection, so the sunscreen is still necessary.  


I reserve sunscreen for my nose and face and I wear a light, long sleeve hoodie designed for the sun and a tennis-style visor. It keeps me safe even in the intense glacier-reflected sun above the treeline. 

I hate that three-day sunscreen sticky/oily feeling. 

The face and back of the hands are always exposed.  They are the areas that require daily attention.  I use sunscreen nearly every day and wear a western brimmed hat most of the time.   UV Reflection from snow, water and even rock at high elevation can blast your skin.  The Florida fishermen have come up with some really good remedies for tropical sun.  They use lycra fingerless gloves to protect the hands in hot weather.  There is another product I forget the name of that protects the face.  It can be worn in many different ways to keep the sun off the face.  I use it on the boat while fishing and on river trips when the sun exposure is massive and day after day. 

For those that do not like suncreen on the face, have you seen people that are over 70 walking around with bandages after visiting the dermatologist?  Skin cancer is for real.  I would have done things differently as a young person knowing what we know now about the threat of UV light. 

good comment. my dad spent a ton of time outside and has had a number of precancerous areas removed from his head. 

The most used sunscreen and it is really. You should definitely try

the new device to cover your face is called a "buff."

PPine is right about reflected light.  The worst sun exposure I have experienced in the last ten years was all while I was wearing a big broad-brimmed hat, and often long sleeves.  But hiking over snow, white granite, or pale sandstone will still whack your face with massive UV radiation.  And like many people of advanced age, I have already had a couple of "spots" removed from my face--and I don't like the idea of them having to remove the rest of my face because I was too stupid to use sunscreen and protection.

if you live any significant part of your life outdoors, you need to be aware of this.

Thanks balzaccom.  You are right.  I hope young people figure this out before we did.  I still see people sun bathing. 

January 21, 2021
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