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Who out there purposely purchases gear with it's in-house applicability in mind?

I'm wearing a pair of Patagonia's Mix Master pants around the house right now, for instance. While I didn't think of this alternative use when I got them, I find I like wearing them for lounging, in place of a pair of sweatpants or flannels. 

Originally made for ice climbing, they have an R2 fleece interior, and a wind-resistant softshell outer. Good by themselves for trips to the woodshed down to 0F. A single zipped hip pocket keeps keys and lighters handy.

Anyone else take technical gear out in the domestic setting?

We keep our house pretty cold, compared to most, in winter. So you will often find me in a fleece mid layer. 

I routinely wear a fleece garment, either Patagonia or Duluth Trading, in our bitterly cold SoCal winters.  I think it has something to do with aging...

as luck would have it, Patagonia's retro pile is amazing both for hanging around the house, going out to an informal dinner, and layering in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions.  just reviewed it.

Likewise, Patagonia's R-1 fleece pants are equally happy as cold-weather indoor 'sweatpants' or outside in anything from cool to frigid (under shell pants) weather.  

One more... I wear Darn Tough light hiking socks every day of the year except hiking where I move up to another model. 

I mostly wear my Adidas fleece trouser with a fleece hoodie it's so comfy and warm for winter.

I'll take this thread a step further.  Before COVID, we did a lot of international travel for my work in the wine business.  I adapt a lot of the "hike light" philosophy to those trips as well, both in terms of what I pack (lightweight, and multi-use} and what I wear--not just fleece, but also easy wear and easy to wash.  Sure, I do need something a little more elegant for a meeting or a presentation, but on the plane or wandering around, I tend to wear a lot of the same stuff i wear backpacking. 

Not for me, Levis, a Hawaiian shirt , and city jacket keep me warm enough in the city.  When it's real cold (for So Cal) I'll don a scarf and cap.


Wear what you have.  I like fishing clothing, especially Simms. 

For work I have 3 different Fleece jackets that I alternate and at home . Plus I have Columbia Silver ridge shirts that come in handy also...Andrew I have a North Face vest I break out on occasion...

whomeworry said:

Not for me, Levis, a Hawaiian shirt , and city jacket keep me warm enough in the city.  When it's real cold (for So Cal) I'll don a scarf and cap.


 I wheeled out my only Hawaiian shirt the other day when the temperature spiked into the 70s. Got the side-eye from my spouse - it's a loud one. Great for hot/dry hiking. I had a more sedate pattern, suitable for doing business on the islands, but my adult son swiped it a few years ago.  

The louder the happier!  Women often wear apparel louder than the loudest of Hawaiian shirts.  As long as no one takes you for a Bugalu Boy, you'll be just fine.


My NRS H2Core Silkweight hoodie is so comfortable that I have taken to wearing it around the house.

Also Hawaiian shirts. Here's me and my daughter from back in the day...



To answer your question, I wouldn't buy technical gear, because of it's fireside applicability- but if I've paid out the money and the garment serves other purposes, it might see double duty, around the house, or when I'm working.  Camp booties make better slippers, than outdoor wear, I reckon.  A good fleece is cosy anywhere and everywhere.  

Some of those spendy technical products don't turn out to be very effective, when you use them for their intended purpose.  The fleece which traps moisture, when you want it to allow the stuff to exit.  The ski gloves that leak, now the guarantee has expired.  I usually find mundane uses for such things, in the northern domestic winter.....four months and counting, this year;-)

Favourite hill garment, this season?  My old Polartec (the original Malden Mills stuff) fleece snood.  Everyday scarf, occasional hat- and when I nip into the shops for milk and bread, on my way home?  I'm already wearing my face covering.  :-)

I don't specifically set out to buy hiking gear with combined home use in mind, but I do find myself using some hiking gear in domestic and urban situations. Hiking rainjackets, being lightweight, are perfect for use in town when it's raining but temperatures are mild.

I have a pair of 5.11 trousers which I bought for hiking but I often use as daily wear in spring and autumn. I also have a pair of Craghoppers lightweight zip-off trousers which I often wear around the house as shorts in summer. In both cases I use them because I find the pockets so practical. 

Old hiking gear also finds a second use for gardening and work around the house. I have a pair of Craghoppers Kiwi medium-weight trousers which got torn. I did a rough and ready repair and they are now my staple DIY/gardening trousers. I have a pair of Lowa Renegade boots which have taken up permanent residence in the tool shed at my father's field, and I use them as farming boots when I go to give him a hand.

May 28, 2022
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