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Meindl Venediger boot

Does anyone know anything about these boots? Plenty for sale out of Germany on Ebay. Supposedly a Dutch army boot. How stiff are they? What class are they, BC/C/D? Even sellers can't answer questions.

Does sole roll nicely as in rocker effect? I am appreciating the subtle rocker some companies are now building into their boot ie: Zamberlan Tofane and Meindl Island.

If you know anything about sizing would help as well. Very intrigued but want a trekking boot (B/C) not a climbing C class boot.

thanks in advance!






I used to wear boots like that for hauling 50 pound packs.  Now they are too heavy for most trips. 

The actual boots-or "boots like that?" 

Jeff I used to wear Meindls.  Modern ones might be a lot lighter.  You have to look it up.  They used to be stiff and took time to break in.  I would stand in a creek and wear them until they dried out. 

OK thanks

Jeff, I'd try contacting Meindl directly for some specs, especially as I can't find any mention of these boots on their primary German or USA websites:

Good luck!

OK thanks.

I can't comment on the model, but Limmer Boots contracts with Meindl to make their off-the-shelf boots, and they're high quality.  (Limmer also makes full custom boots by hand in the US).  

From the description and photos I saw of the boot on a German army supply website - overlap style, full grain leather,  hard rubber midsole - they look similar to a Raichle I used to hike in years ago.  Unless the midsole and shank are a lot stiffer than they look, I'm guessing these would be difficult to wear with most crampons because the midsole won't be stiff enough. that means you could use full strap crampons in theory, but in the field, the crampons probably won't stay secure unless you pull the straps extremely tight, which ends up limiting your circulation. eg extremely cold feet.  I speak from experience from a winter trip during my misspent youth, and I was wearing supergaiters over the boots to add insulation. barely avoided serious frostbite.    

some modern mountaineering boots are still made of leather, but it's almost always extremely stiff, waterproof perwanger leather - take a gander at Scarpa's Mont Blanc Pro as an example, and note the front and rear of that boot, set up for use with crampons that have clip on bindings. automatic crampons would be out of the question on that Meindl because the heel and toe lack a firm shelf. 

i know this is essentially backing in, but i'm guessing heavy-grade hiker, not a light mountaineering boot.  Sizes look standard EU, but beyond that, no experience to say whether these run big/small, wide/narrow.  

Thanks Andrew. Good insights. I just ordered a pair of Lowa Ticam GTX's.- They fit the bill you describe and couldn't find a negative comment about them anywhere. I was obsessed with the Old World traditional boots because I currently own the HanWag Tashi and have had similar non-welted boots historically. I am looking forward to trying a boot with several patents attached to it for innovation and the stiffer not too stiff sole. Perhaps more on that later.


Great! Do a review once you have worn them a while - would help others evaluate the boot.  

leadbelly2550 said:

Great! Do a review once you have worn them a while - would help others evaluate the boot.  

 Yes! What Andrew said!

Please let others know how they work out once you've had enough time to test them out:

Will do for sure. Hoping to do some back-country at Berg Lake,BC again this year.

Have fun, Jeff!

thanks Alicia. One of those things we can do minus a mask!! :)

May 28, 2022
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