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Identify Vintage Boots

I am new to Trailspace so this is my first Topic.  I would like to start this off with, I read an article on here called "A tale of many (vintage boots)" by Apeman and I was absolutely taken in.  I too own some vintage boots that I have worn for some time.  And, now I own some more.  As far as a preference,  I have found that I mostly enjoy a FGL boot without Gore Tex or other waterproof laminates as a liner.  But, I do have several Gore Tex lined boots, shoes and jackets.  Of late, I purchased another pair of vintage boots-Lowa's that I can't identify.   Any help is appreciated.













No clue on the specifics, but I love the pics!




Thanks Zalman.  A couple more then...







Hi Alltheway,  I actually had your same dilemma with trying to identify a few of my old vintage watches and clocks.  Your best bet is to do what I did which in my case was to contact a Swiss watch & clock repair shop in Switzerland, or in your situation a leather shoe/boot repair person in Italy.  

I was able to do this via  email on a few of my watches but had to actually call someone in Switzerland for one of my clocks.  You may also want to try calling a local Italian shoe repair shop as you may get lucky and find someone Italian that is old enough to recognize your boots. is unlikely to have anyone that can identify your boots, but the above idea is surely going to get your questions answered. 

Pretty sure that’s the remains a Lowa (Made in Germany) logo on the first pair.

Gary  I just confirmed your assumption and you are 100% correct.  I was able to compare them to a similar boot being sold on Ebay.  Great job Gary.

Vintage German made Lowa Suede leather red lace hiking mountaineering boots

Thank you Michael.  I appreciate the  info. 

Gary, thanks for the help. I am still searching for which Lowa model these are.  I think that Michael’s technique is what I will employ to get that info. 

They were all the rage for many years.  I had some black ones which were perfect for carrying a 50 pound pack.  They weighed around 5 pounds. 

Interesting discussion.

My issue with used full grain leather boots is that they form to your feet over time; I would rather have a new pair form to my feet than wear a pair that broke in to someone else's feet. in part, that could be because my feet are unusually flat & somewhat wide.

If you like full grain leather boots, look at Limmer boots. not the custom boots; that's a lot of money and a long wait, though I suspect the customs are excellent. The company makes 'stock' boots in Germany. the 'stock' part of the business was sold over the summer, and i'm not sure they have re-started the website for that. However, i have worn a pair of their standard and lightweight leather boots for years (since 2006/07), the standards were re-soled about five years no-gtx leather boot i have worn. the lightweight is more versatile & still robust, the standard is the big backpack/jagged trail boot.  

Andrew F,

I may be falsely assuming this but I believe a majority of Alltheways vintage boots were his to begin with.  I agree with you about how a boot gets formed to the persons feet that is wearing them and the disadvantages of wearing someone else's boot.

Nevertheless, most times when a person buys a vintage article of clothing or camping gear it is for nostalgic reasons. Memories of a time lost forgotten, or a chance to relive a time through wearing or using items from that era.


Actually what you want to look for in vintage traditional mountaineering boots are the pairs that were bought but never “used.”
These things are beasts to break in & back in the day when they were all the rage (think 1970’s college campuses) lots of folks paid a pretty penny for their “look” but couldn’t handle the break in process. The boots were too expensive to throw away, so into the closet they went. You’ll know them by their fresh, never Sno-Sealed appearance.

lol you will know them by the moth ball stench, the zero dirt and missing blemishes and perfect treads too.

I do have several Gore Tex lined boots, best sushi near me or to buy shoes and jackets.  Of late, I purchased another pair of vintage boots-Lowa's that I can't identify

May 22, 2022
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