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Limmer Oxfords - First Look

New pair of walking/casual shoes. I have been eyeing these for a while, looking for a shoe that’s equally happy with a long day of walking or heading to a half-decent restaurant, bar, or night out. I have had excellent experience with their hiking boots, and the last used for these reminds me a little of Birkenstocks, which work well for me. They’re sturdy, a little flex under the ball of  your feet, but they have a half length steel shank. I wear 11 1/2 in formal shoes & some hiking boots; these run a little large & they recommend sizing down, these are 10 1/2, they only make them in one width.

These, and Limmer’s ‘stock’ boots, are made under contract by Meindl, a Germany boot maker in Bavaria. Peter Limmer & Sons still makes custom boots and “off the shelf“ boots that they fit for people in person in their New Hampshire store. 

I’ll need a few months of wear to do a review. I hiked five or six miles today but figured i might blister wearing them fresh out of the box, so i have just worn them ‘around’ today. They will probably be broken in for walking in a week or two.  

Goodyear welt, 2.8mm chrome-tanned nubuck leather. Their hiking boots use a Norwegian welt.
Back view.
Tongue and interior - fully lined with leather. 
One view of the sole and instep.
Slightly wider in the front, perfect for my feet.
Closer view of the top. I’m wearing these with Darn Tough 1/4 cushion hikers, will also probably wear them with Balega Blister Resist (made from mohair) socks.
Better view of the sole


Nice looking shoe. The factory turns out pretty good quality. I have gotten a pair of Standards and two pairs of Lightweights that are all still in use.

Pretty sure the Stock boots they are selling in the cobbler's shop now are being made there in NH. They don't carry the factory made boots at all any more except consignment resales. Frau Stranger picked up a pair of the Stock boots there and was fitted by Pete. Also a nice looking boot, but heavy and stiff. More like the Standard than the LW and definitely less comfortable than these babies look to be.

I'll keep an eye out for your review after you've had a chance to scuff these up a bit. Enjoy!

I think that’s right - ‘off the shelf’ Limmer Standards made in New Hampshire and fitted at their shop. i have hiked in the Standard and Lightweight for years, resolved the standards a couple of years ago.

‘Frau Stranger’ - ha!

The "Stock" boots they are making are lighter than the Standards, but heavier and stiffer than the Lightweights. I don't need another pair of all leather boots at the moment or I'd own a pair already.

Nice looking shoes, Andrew!

Here's a recent article from Outside Business Journal on the Limmer business you may be interested to read:

The two young entrepreneurs taking over a century-old boot company

For anyone trying to keep Limmer straight, there is an overarching Limmer Trademark company. It is split into the following:

  • Limmer Boots works directly with Meindl to purchase and distribute German-made stock Limmer boots. 
  • Peter Limmer & Sons makes custom hiking boots and a limited number of U.S.-made stock boots.

Alicia said:

Nice looking shoes, Andrew!

Here's a recent article from Outside Business Journal on the Limmer business you may be interested to read:

The two young entrepreneurs taking over a century-old boot company

 Really interesting! thanks for posting.

I've met Adam a couple of times at the shop. Very nice guy to take things over. I was afraid that when Pete retired I'd have to find a new place to get my boots resoled. It won't be the same when he's not back there working, but I'm glad they found a way to keep it going.

I just realized something after reading Alicia's comment... In my lifetime I have had custom gear made for me,  even  custom made figure skates,  but it never even dawned upon me to have a custom boot made for me.

  I have bought some very pricey boots too but now I am sitting and staring at this monitor wondering why on earth if I was going to be spending so much money on them why not just get one custom tailored to my actual foot vs. a template.

It is like asking yourself  " Where did I put my sunglasses?"   and they are on your head the whole time.

I don’t know the current pricing or waiting period  for limmer customs. Could be a few years’ wait. Non custom pair of the most supportive/heaviest duty boot is $495. You could do the intermediate step, the US made stock boot and get that fitted in their shop, must be a shorter wait time and lower price than full custom. 

No reason not to do both Andrew ;) Head to the shop to be fitted for your customs which they'll start in a few years and pick up a pair of the Stock boots while you are there.

Call before driving there though to be sure they have boots available in your size because they only have what they have at any given moment.

Limmers are worth every penny. I have a pair of the lightweight which is a bit of an oxymoron as they are still heavier than 90% of other hiking boots out there. My dad has the customs but he almost never wears them as they are too heavy. 

January 16, 2022
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