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Mystery boots

I recently bought a pair of walking boots for my mum as I saw them in a thrift store. and I cannot find any information about them or the brand or anything at all online, only reference to a vintage French brand called le trappeur, but these don’t look anything like them.

Please help!! 

















Le Trappeur was Jean Claude Killy's leather ski boot. I think that's different.

With some creative searching, i found what looks like your brand on a few French clothing websites, and The latter site has several models of boots. all reasonably priced. I'm guessing it's a fashion brand in France that doesn't have much more than local distribution. 

if they fit and they're comfortable, then they should be fine. i'm guessing the uppers are pretty flexible and that the boot offers pretty limited support, so it might be better for local walks than longer/harder hikes.  also, based solely on the photos, I would not expect much water resistance/waterproofness.  

You might try sending the photos to Dave.

The tongue loop is a representation of the Italian flag, which to me would mean more than the French name. But who knows?

Trappeur made some climbing and hiking boots back in the 1970's. I worked in a climbing sho[p and remember them but I can't recall anything about them.

July 3, 2022
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