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need help on cooksets...

Hi everyone...
I'm looking for a new titanium cookset. I've done some research and read lots of reviews on several different brands (evernew's nonstick, snow peak, vargo, msr, montbell although I haven't found any reviews on this line). I like the design of the Evernew the best with the attached handles and the wider base but the non-stick gets mixed reviews from what I can tell. I have an Optimus Nova stove and most of my cooking will be fish, mountain house, pastas, and an occasional stew. Can anyone give me a recommendation? Please Help!

I have a Nova stove and used Snow Peak 1400 Ti set with it.
Base is wide enough to cover the stove. While I didn't try to cook actuall meal in it, I used it to boil water and it works great. Depending on position you may use some sort of isulator (bandana, towell) to hold it as handles can get hot. I also have a MSR Ti Kettle that I store inside Snow Peak.
Lid from a Snow Peak is a Pan or a Bowl and work reasonably well.

I have a Snow Peak Trek 900 titanium cookset. It works beautifully for me. Read my review on it. Its on this site, just go to "Gear Reviews" and search it. I love it. Hope you find one that works for you.

You can always dip the handles in a rubbery plastic called Plasti-Dip. It's used for coating screwdriver and plier handles and can be bought in any Ace, Home Depot, etc...

December 3, 2020
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