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3:21 a.m. on December 3, 2007 (EST)
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My kids have ask me, what I would like for this christmas.
I point-out a Pullover 1/2 zipper Windcrest Jacket.
The Materal is made of Windproof water-resistance, & breathable fibric.. Humm Ok!, But the real nice feature is this, Both Sleeves detach at the Elbows by the use of zippers. Which in turns makes a Short-Sleeve Pullover Jacket. Its Like getting ( 2-in-1 ) For the price of one.
Its On Dec'07 sale right now at Cabela's, Price: $19.95 + Shpp. I just though it would nice to past this on..

( p.s. )--> Bottom Line is; It's Not High Dollar, nor High Tech, It sure makes a good light jacket for extra protection against windy days, or those damp-wet chill evenings around the campfire..

Order Toll Free (800)237.4444 Item: # 48H-92-2912., Or Go to the Main webpage, Type in the Item Number in the Search engine.

Old Hermit

5:35 a.m. on December 3, 2007 (EST)
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Update: > Prices good through Jan 31,2008 <
1/2 Zip Pullover Windcrest Jacket @ Cabela's

Item # 48H-92-2912 [ Reg.-Size ] Sale Price $19.95 + Shpp

Item # 48H-92-2913 [ Tall-Size ] Sale Price $24.95 + Shpp

Old Hermit

6:32 p.m. on December 10, 2007 (EST)
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I'm Back with more of an Update on This Windcrest Jacket;
Which came in today.. I'd check it out, and also put on my scale, Wt: 13.2 .oz... I've packed in a Marmot extra-small stuff sack, along with my windbreaker pants.. Both pieces of clothing are large-sizes, the Total weight, with the following items.
* Sack wt: 4-.oz
* Windcrest Jacket wt: 13.4 .oz
* pair of Wind breaker pants 12.4 .oz
Total wt: 1.9 Lbs./29.6-.oz..
And there still good amount of volume space left, like for a pair of gloves, and knitted hat.
For me its Not a bad deal...

Old Hermit

10:22 p.m. on December 10, 2007 (EST)
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Cabelas has some pretty good, but not really extraordinary deals. I'd take a pretty wild guess, and say they contract with Columbia Sports, to make their branded products in Asia. It seems likely that they contract or subcontract with SOMEBODY anyway... I've no idea really with whom... or who.

I visited their vast store in southern Michigan. Lots of stuffed animals and an interesting selection of firearms, that aren't available on their Web site. I'm thrilled to hear that BOTH Cabela's and a competitor will be opening stores soon in vicinity of Rutherford, NJ, quite near Manhattan. Recentlty, I got my best deal on a fishing rod from Dick's Sporting Goods.

I've not sprung for zip-off legs on pants, which result on shorts. Nor am I personally thrilled by the product you describe. But loads of people go for that stuff, maybe it makes some sense, and the price you quote is fairly reasonable, which is typical for Cabela's.

Does anybody remember the old Herter's catalogs? Those were an extremely interesting relic of Cold War America....and not completely unrelated to Cabela's.

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