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high peak sleeping bag

i've been looking at this 0* high peak bag and wondering if the specs on it are too good to be true. anyone have any info or experience using it? the only info i've found is one post on the 20* model and that person sells them.


I was looking for a good 0 Degree sleeping bag when I came across this bag. The cheapest bag I was looking at was twice the price of the High Peak Bag. Even though it was not name brand I decided to take a chance and get one. When the bag arrived I was certain that I got ripped off since the bag was so much lighter than any other bag I have had. I tested it out in 20 Degree weather the week after I got it to see if I got taken. I ended up taking all of my old gear just in case I ended up freezing. I was impressed enough after the weekend that I bought another one for my wife. The bag had all of the features of the higher priced bags. Granted 20 degrees is not 0 but I can't control the weather so I will have to wait another month or so to test it in 0 degree weather. I am pretty confident that with the right sleeping pad it will be confortable down to 0 degrees.

The bags come in right and left side zippers and can be zipped together for sleeping with a friend. I have not tried to put them together but I have doubts as to how comfortable it would be given that the bags are mummy style and space is a premium.

My only disappointment with the purchase was that they no longer make the bag in Red.

It appears that this is the same guy who I bought mine from...he has his own website: timberwolfsports. If you are cheap (like I am) there are other 0 degree bags on the site for less. I did not find out about the website until I was trying to buy the second bag.

Good luck.

i'll seldom see 0 degrees, but find a 30 degree bag a bit cold for me. the coldest place i go is the Co and WY area in midsummer. it'll only see about a month's worth of action a year and mostly along the gulf south. i was impressed by the weight and size for a synthetic. i greatly appreciate your information. now i guess it's time to order.

I think the bag will be fine for you then. I was really impressed by how light it is. I know they make lighter ones, but they also tend to cost a lot more. Had I known about that website I posted about earlier I might have bought one of the cheaper bags instead.

Since I am new at all this I was weighing the weight of the bag vs the cost. I knew I wanted a synthetic but I wasn't convinced that anything ligh could keep me warm. The high peak bag seemed to me to be a good choice and after getting it I ended up getting another for "my ol lady".

I think its important to remember you get what you pay for. I had a 20* slumberjack ultimate that I got for $70. I would say that its good for maybe 40*. Synthetic insulation loses loft 10x more quickly than down. There is also a large quality difference in synthetic fills. Now the slumberjack is really only good for summer hiking and even then my new montbell is lighter and I would carry it other than it would burn me up on a summer night in the mountains.

I would get a quality bag that is rated more towards 32* and wear clothing if you need to extend the range to colder temps.

I Have been familiar with the High Peak brand for a few years. It is very brand, good quality, and the temp ratings seem to be accurate. I used a 20 degree bag and the temperature dropped to 13 and I was fine. I did sleep in cloths since I expected very cold weather. I find them here.

December 2, 2021
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