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Chaco v. Teva (and others)

Considering buying a pair of Chacos. Also looked at Teva, La Sportiva, etc. Have heard that Chaco rides better on the feet. What are the advantages of one over the other?

Like any other footgear, it varies from one individual to another. You have to try them out for at least a half hour in the store, preferably a shop that has a "rock trail" type of test track (one of those piles of rocks glued together in a vague resemblance of a rocky trail with a bit of slope to it). Problem is, they all let sand, mud, grit into your feet. Oh, and all the brands you mention have a wide variety of styles, some of which work better for some people than others.

If you get them from REI, at least you have the possibility of returning them if they don't work for you.

I've owned a couple of pair of Columbia brand, based strictly on relatively low price. A tad on larger size seems to offer some protection against stubbed toes with a little extra sole projecting in front.

What I really wish for, but haven't seen, is an ultralight sandal, like a 5&10 beach thong weight, but with full-scale attachment straps.

Chacos tend to be heavier duty and heavier than the Tevas. Footbeds are supportive but generally not as soft as the Tevas.

For hard hiking I would prefer the Chacos.

Personally, I prefer the Chacos, but I've only used some of the other brands very little. I've worn my Chacos both in everyday use and in hard hiking, and I'm still convinced that they're the best. I think that a lot of this is due to the amount of support that they have, and the totally customizable nature of the fit. Just make sure that whatever type you get, you get the correct size. I thought about getting my Chacos a little longer, because I don't really like my toes being right at the end of the sandal, because it feels weird and they get hit easier. But, when I tried on the Chacos, getting them a little longer caused my foot to fit incorrectly in the sandal. Since they are supportive, they are shaped to fit your foot a certain way, and aren't nearly as useful or comfortable when they don't fit correctly. I assume that this would be true for some of the other sandals as well, since footwear is shaped the way it is for a reason. Like I said, just make sure you try them on and they fit correctly. And like Bill said, if at all possible, try them out to see how they feel in actual use.

I really like my Chaco's and have had mixed results with Teva's. My first Teva's lasted a long time and were worn often. My second pair of Teva's has had continual problems with the velcro coming undone. Whatever brand you choose, I would opt for webbing and buckle fasterners rather than velcro.

Thanks. That helps a lot. I had looked at Chaco's recently at a store in town, but wanted to see what the rest of the world thought :) Oh, BTW, the rest of the rest of the world can still post what they think on here; 7 posts isn't the limit :)


I have 2 pairs of Teva Terra Fi sandals, first one is 7 + years old. I can't kill it, sole is almost flat, almost no lugs, but nothing wrong other wise (may be smelly, but hey 7+ years) for the first 4 I've been using them all summer long. Second pair is right before they came up with Terra Fi-2. I think they are great for anything water, light hiking, travel. I looked at Chaco and they look fine little heavy with Vibram outsole. Ether one is fine and you can get last season Teva's for 50% off.

August 12, 2020
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