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High Peak 4 season tents


I'm a broke student who likes winter trekking. I've been looking for a low budget 4 season tent for 2-3 people.

Recently, I discovered an American company called "High Peak". They seem to offer decent quality gear in really low prices, but I couldn't find any reviews about their gear anywhere, and I wouldn't spend money on, or go trekking in -20 degrees with a tent I can't count on.

So, my questions are:

1. Does anyone here own, or know someone who owns any High Peak 4-season tent ("Enduro" or "South col")?

2. If so, will these tents function well under heavy rain\heavy snow\extreme cold ?

3. Do you think the low prices of these tents are due to a smaller profit margin, or just bad quality?


I don't know if you've been there already, but here's a link to their website: They kind of mention about 'competitive' pricing.

I've seen the website, but advertisements made by the company itself are not, what I would call, a "reliable source".



I have a "High Peak - Hyper Lite. I described it on this website on "Gear Selection - Deciding the Right Tent."

As I said there I got mine new, and very cheap on e-bay. If you do a careful search into bargain camping equipment sites - you might find one.

My Hyper Lite is certainly worth the money I paid for it. I consider it more of a three season tent, but in a pinch, especially if your not going to the South Pole, you could get away with it in winter. I have seen, so called four season tents costing lots more money that are no better. Mine has all those features.

On the down side my Hyper Lite complete in it's bag with all its poles, pegs and everything else weighs in at 6.6 pounds. However, you should carefully look at the true weight of other backpacking tents out there. Sometimes they mislead you regarding their real weight. For example they might neglect to include the weight of the poles, pegs or the fly and valise.

I haven't used mine yet on the trail but I have set it up and looked at it carefully - and it looks ok. In my experience if you look after a tent, properly store it, don't abuse it - use reasonable care with the zippers - you'll be fine.

For those people who want to spend lots and lots of money for a well advertised name brand - be my guest.

I have a High Peak "Enduro" which I would regard as a light duty 4 season tent,I certainly wouldn't take it to Everest but for "4" season camping in coastal N.C. it's ok,the main thing I deal with is temp's around 20-30 degrees at best,the ventilation can be adjusted to keep the tent notably warmer than the outside temp.I also have a Kelty Orb which is much better in high wind conditions.

Thank you for your answers, leanandfit & Stikeen.

Would you say the tent will keep you dry under heavy rain, and won't collapse under snow?
(even if you have never tested it in these conditions, can you give an estimation?)

Thanks again.

Hey Shrimp

sorry I didn't reply sooner but been gone all week on a backpacking trip,the Enduro would be fine for rain but I do think a heavy accumulation of snow would probably do it in

Thank you for your answer, that's exactly what I was worried about.

Hi Shrimp,

If your worried about a big time snow dump tuck your tent in a thicket beneath big trees. Then run a line between the trees and pitch a nylon tarp with as sharp a slope as you can over your tent. Most of the snow should be caught in the trees or slide down the tarp.

I like the Enduro. Looks alot like my (former) ALPS Mountaineering Glacier tent.

Looks like one will have to go throgh an authorized dealer to get High Peaks gear however.

Does anyone know of any outdoor gear outfitters who carry this brand gear?

Ebay has sellers who deal in High Peak products

Since the Enduro has the same pole configuration as did my ALPS Glacier, I think he should be just fine with the tent in question. My tent survived heavy Wisconsin snows and outright blizzards with NO problems.

Amazon carries High Peak tents

August 13, 2020
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