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New sleeping bag -

I have an aleutian (long) by north face, excellent bag for around $75.00

my problem is that the shoulder girth, 64 inches feels like a streight jacket.

I'm looking for a bag of the same or better quality (synthetic fill) lets say

under 100.00, with a larger shoulder of at least 68 inches.

any suggestions would be appreciated


Too narrow shoulder space????...well I can relate to that.

I use mummy bags from ALPS Mountaineering currently. Mine has the shoulder width of 34" (no waking up to compressed shoulders) plus it uses their proprietary synthetic insulation (Tech Loft). This is an 4 channel hollow fiber similar to the former Du Pont Hollofil II.

I would also recommend mummy bags from The Backside. They have an 35 inch shoulder width. No "straight jacket" effect with these bags! Leave the "straight jackets" to Mr. Alice Cooper, thank you. :)

Thanks MC for the info, with probably 10,000 different bags I just got tired of looking and was gonna settle for a slumberjack super guide. Not a bad bag but
wanted a notch or two up

thanks again

You are most welcome!

Happy Camping!

August 3, 2020
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