Northface ve24 or Eureka "Expedition"

11:58 p.m. on May 6, 2009 (EDT)
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Hi there, I am pretty much a noob so I'll make my excuses now. I am trying to decide which tent to get and whetheror not they are worth the value that they are advertised for. I know that the prices on the craiglist ads are very overpriced, yet I really need a good tent for an upcoming trip so please give me a hand, and voice(type in) your expert opinions and your reasons for saying so...

On one hand we have a Eureka! expedition tent for $150, the tent was a little chewed on by a marmot on a trip so says the owner and professionally repaired.

and the second choice is the Northface VE24.

No pics but the owner says in great condition but used number of times and is a great deal for $250 because it used to be priced for $800 and is USA made.

I will meet with the Northface VE24 tomorrow Thursday so I can personally check the tent out because he will be gone on a canoe trip for a couple of weeks at Friday .Also meeting the owner of the Eureka tent on Tuesday because he will be gone on a weekend trip.

And just to add a little more confusion to the mix, I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, planning a trip for two some where near comox lake may be a bit further north in late summer/early fall. So I am expecting cold rain, crazy weather(occasional snowfall) mixed in with sunshine and brisk winds. So I've kinda got a lock on both tents, with the Eureka owner gone for atleast two days and the Northface owner gone for quite a while.

12:14 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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I have 53 years of bush experience here in BC and other parts of Canada and this includes a lot of remote solo longterm situations. That Eureka tent in your photo is a disaster waiting to happen in a serious north V.I. storm; I ran silivicultural crews there and was a Can. Coast Gd. Lightkeeper, so, I have BTDT.

The NFV24 is a pretty good tent and adequate for your purposes, I used one here for quite a number of years until I could get Hillebergs and IDs. Go with it and avoid that Eureka pos.

12:35 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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Check ebay there is a Eureka Scorpion 4 season going for under 100.00 still. It looks nice.

12:57 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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Hello, thank you for the quick replies Dewey and New Hiker 2B.

For Dewey, What do you think about the price? is it just right or a bit too high for the value? and

For New Hiker, I am looking for a tent a little closer to where I live so I can see with my own eyes if it is worth the price for value. I will watch the item on my ebay account. Have you owned a similar tent to this one before?


3:07 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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The VE 24 is a TNF design from the 70's-80's, so that thing has been around for a long time. No way that tent cost $800 unless the Canadian dollar was worth about 50 cents US at the time he bought it. I don't know the price for certain, but my guess is about $300 or so brand new. Bill or Alan will have a better idea.

Here's a review that confirms my guess on the price, more or less.

I bought a similar tent-not a North Face, but an EMS winter tent for about $150 on eBay a few years ago. $250, even $250 Cdn. is pretty high.

There are a lot of nice modern tents for sale used on eBay and Craigslist so unless you need one immediately, I'd keep looking. Get Craigslist Reader, a free download that will troll through all the Craigslists for you. Google it and the site will pop up. I found my ski boots using it after months of searching manually.

6:51 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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I don't pay attention to the prices on used gear as I just buy whatever I want new and only buy Hilleberg and ID tents/shelters.

However, here in Vancity, as you know, gear is usually highly priced by US standards, due to our dual taxes, high shipping costs and weak dollar. That tent may well have been bought when our buck was at roughly .65 USD, given the taxes, exchange and shipping, it WOULD have cost the original owner a fair buck, but, I cannot say how much exactly.

A new condition US MADE NF VE24 IS, IMHO, a find and worth paying more for and the OLDER ones are the best made. For me, I would just suck it up, squeeze the plastic and buy a Hilleberg Jannu plus footprint and THEN you have a TENT!!!

I have a Siavo from Hille., cost about 15 bills all in delivered to Vancity, but, NO and I mean NO tent I have ever used is as totally satisfactory in harsh weather as this one....remember the winds you get on northern V.I. at this time of year and, especially, in the autumn and buy accordingly..........

9:28 a.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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Here is my "find" :

halrus tentsttp://|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

Walrus tents are no longer manufactured, but are high quality tents. I have several of them, and have had no problems ever. Although you won't get to see the tent in person, the seller states that it's new and the retail price he quotes is correct. This tent has a full coverage rain fly with two hooped vestibules, is 4 season worthy, has DAC aluminum poles, and is well worth the Buy It Now price of $180; plus the shipping is reasonable. No, I am not the seller... Good luck.

1:59 p.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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I would not buy either of those tents. Both are over 10 years old and I would be very wary. Current Eureka expedition tents are as good as TNF. That Eureka was good in its day but that was long ago. Same for the Ve24. Buy something more recent.



8:01 p.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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Hello again, I've been thinking it over since night and came to a decision. Thanks for the advice but I think I'll just buy a brand new tent. Since the trip I am planning is several months off, I thought I would give the Hillebergs a chance and start saving for a Nallo4GT and maybe some more for some spare equipment. Thanks Dewey for pointing them out for me and :) damn you for doing.If I'd only known that I was going to be talked into this purchase!;) Thanks for the heads up about craiglist reader and how old both of these tents are from Tentman and Tom D and every one who posted.

thank you very much

9:12 p.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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The problem with older tents is that often the fabric deteriorates due to improper storage. I had a Gore-tex bivy delaminate over time because I didn't know any better and kept it in the tiny stuff sac. My beloved Flashlight also delaminated or deteriorated, however you want to describe it, after many years in storage. Even the slightest moisture can be fatal from what I can figure out.

I've never seen anything but positive comments about Hilleberg, other than the cost.

9:47 p.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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Andrew, I buy my Integral Designs tents and my Hilleberg tents from a guy whom I met on this very site. I have bought a LOT of gear in my time, my basement is stuffed with it and this gentleman is about the finest to deal with I know of.

He is Charlie Jennings, [url=], in Utah and he knows his gear, USES it and gives customer service like we USED to get in Vancity long ago. I strongly advise you to contact him as there are no Hille. dealers hereabouts.....given the crap that most stores here stock, that is not surprising.

I HAVE gear that is ancient, my first pack from the "pack master" Dana Gleason, is 31+ yrs. old and SOME tents, bags, etc. WILL be just fine after decades of proper storage, BUT, Tom, et al., are right, the fabric coating can and sometimes will deteriorate and become sticky, even gooey and it smells just awful, like somebody hurled.

So, your choice of a Hilleberg is a good one and you will enjoy and be safe with this tent.

10:23 p.m. on May 7, 2009 (EDT)
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I have owned a North Face VE-23. I have the Eureka Alpine Meadows 2 person and the Alpine Meadows 4 person. I am selling a Eureka Timberline 4 for sale 60.00. I have used the Alpine Meadows 2 a lot;my personal favorite. The Alpine Meadows 4 I just found at a garage sale. This identical to the 2 just bigger. I will be trying this one out Memorial Day Weekend at Yogi Bears Jellystone with my daughter and her friend. I would not be afraid of taking either of these tents to where your going. The VE-23 I sold at my garage sale. The Eureka Timberline gets rented up in boundry waters all the time for Canoeing package deals.

11:25 a.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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are you hiking in and carrying all of your gear?

canoeing in and carrying only on portages?


method of traveling means quite a bit here. if a heavier tent wouldn't be a problem, check ebay for a mountain hardware hammerhead 2. mine has held 18" of snow, and been in fairly strong winds. as for rain, no-problems. the downside of this tent is the weight. it's a heavy one, especially if you're gonna carry it a long way

12:11 p.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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Well, if sticker shock starts to make you waver on the Hilly tents, I have a Northface Tadpole 23 that I'd be willing to part with. Awesome tent (it's rated at 3-season, but I had a foot of wet snow come down on me one night with no problems). I just bought a whole hammock setup and don't think I'll be using a tent much anymore. If you're interested in it email me at

Anyway, I've never owned a hilly tent, but I can tell you that after you get over the sticker shock on any high quality piece of gear it usually ends up being well worth it.

6:06 p.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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Planning to get there by hiking ;) but I am planning on getting a canoe soon on a much later date(next year... maybe). Is Utah the closest dealer for hilleberg that you know of Dewey? I am kinda limited in how I can Pay for such a purchase beacuse I don't have a credit card and most of my online shopping is done on Ebay and usually pay through paypal or moneyorder if needed.


6:11 p.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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Another question as well... Shipping would be much higher as well, right??

8:44 p.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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Here's a dealer list from the Hilleberg website-

Maybe you could drive down to Seattle, check them out and drive home with one. How far is it? A couple of hours maybe?

8:48 p.m. on May 8, 2009 (EDT)
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Andrew, I do not want to discuss commercial venues here as I think it may be a breach of the site rules.

If, you e-mail me at, I will reply with my Vancouver ph. no. and you can call me, at which time I will give you more info. and also some more reasons why I make the suggestion that I do.

I also have a couple other options,which I would discuss with you that may well be what you require.

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