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Wild Things eVent jacket on clearance

I was thinking about various posts seeking a good waterproof/breathable shell for under $200 and trolled the internet during lunch today. I learned that Wild Things has placed its eVent "snowkite" jacket on clearance. I just called them in New Hampshire and purchased one for less than half price. it sounds like they are discontinuing that model, and that they may have limited sizing left.

I have not previously owned any of their gear, but friends have raved about this company in terms of design and quality. this jacket has an odd design in some ways - the zipper is offset slightly, not straight up and down the front. it has few pockets. it also has forward and rear openings to accommodate a harness underneath the jacket, though the flaps overlap to keep wind/rain out. unlike their other jackets, this one has pit zips, which I like. odd features aside, an eVent jacket from a well-regarded company like this, at significantly under $200, is a steal.

i would call instead of ordering via their website - the price i paid was less than the one on their outlet site for some reason.

ps - i'm a lawyer sitting at a desk in DC, i don't work for these guys or have any affiliation with them.

December 5, 2020
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