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Goodwill deals

I have bought these three jackets over the past month from my local Goodwill store in Flagstaff. The blue one I got today is a REI GoreTex and it cost me $2.65. The brown one a Dierra Designs and cost $3.00 and the yellow one is a police issue with a zillion pockets and zip-off sleeves it cost me $4.50. So for a total of $10.15 I got three really nice jackets. Goodwill sells things by the pound.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of them.

I am pretty broke right now, but I'll give you $25 for one of them! I am desperate for a shell. I have been using a nylon poncho for years, which has served me well but I need to upgrade. These kind of deals don't show up here in TN, or at least I haven't found on yet.

What size(s) are they?

Glad to see others shop as i do

Well I wasn't really advertising them for sale. Just showing off the great deals Goodwill often has here.

I have this Marmot shell coat you could have for $20. Its also a large. Is a water resistant/proof jacket I bought new about 2 years ago. It works, but I like Goretex better. It has a small hole in the back I repaired with duct tape on the back and inside the back. I used it last summer in the mountains and works fine.

Send me a postal money order to me. Go to put the Marmot jacket in the subject line and I will send you my mailing address.

I shop Goodwill quite often.

I have found many like new expensive garments for just a few dollars, apparently they don't know what they have, or don't care.

Last year I picked up several nice wool shirts & fleece jackets, some were not my size but I got them for loaners.

Wow those are some incredible finds! I suspect maybe you live close to a popular hiking\backpacking area? Last time I was at a goodwill dropping off some cloths in Raleigh (not exactly your outdoor Mecca lol) I did some poking around and found little of interest. Maybe I need to checkout some goodwills in Asheville or something next time I'm over by the smokies. Thanks for sharing your finds.


My experience with thrift store shopping is that the more often you look, the more you find. Most times will net you nothing and once in a blue moon you score big.

My best score ever was a Trek 520 bike for $6.99.

this spring I found a brand new, $260 retail, Duluth pack for $10.

My most recent 10 trips have yielded nothing, just the nature of the beast.

Gary, unfortunately, My wife tells me I spoke to soon... since I bought some gortex pants for $20 last week, apparently I'm not allowed to go buying anything else without telling her :)

I told her "what good are pants without a jacket" but she just laughed :^(

If in the future you have some jackets for sale I will definitely try to buy one from you!

this spring I found a brand new, $260 retail, Duluth pack for $10.


See over at classified I have jackets for sale.

We go to the Goodwill every morning at 10 am and just look. Today I am looking for a case for my new mini DV camcorder. It has a soft bag but I want something stronger to protect it from the elements. There's always something there.

Ibought it used off Flagstaff Craiglist for $100.

In this area and others I have lived in, Goodwill has always been a source of outdoor gear at really cheap prices in barely used condition. You do have to be picky, though, because they do have some "junk". The outdoor gear when we lived in Mississippi was more Bubba hunter's gear, though. But when we lived in SoCal and here in NorCal, and in the Boston area, there was lots of top-quality clothing, packs, skis, and sleeping bags. Ski clothes especially, are something people buy for the fashion and replace for the next season. And wetsuits - I got wetsuits for my son and me at $10 - full body BodyGlove, virtually unused.

And back when I wore suits, I found Brooks Brothers suits for $20-30 - "last season" styles, no real sign of wear. Boston area also had stores that specialized in fashionable men's and women's clothing. I haven't worn "fashionable" business clothing for years, though.

Hi Gary,

I am hoping that someday my favorite Eastern Mountain Sports Circa Windshear Jacket will show up at my local Goodwill Store. I have been trying for 2, almost 3 years now to find it. Unfortunately, when EMS clothing is past season, it's almost impossible to find. EMS does not outlet out to anyone.

I've tried posting want ads for my fav jacket on Craigslist; can't do it on Ebay because I don't have enough Feedbacks; I'll keep posting on Trailspace..maybe someday someone will have one for me to replace my lost favorite.

What I loved about the jacket was the microfiber windshear fabric, and the Star blue/gray colors. Plus, it had really nice features for a light jacket... like Napolean pockets & side pockets, all zipped.

They've never come close to the quality of that jacket since. I miss it. It just seems the successors to my Circa Windshear Jacket are made more cheaply these days.

Just wanted to comment on your great Goodwill finds. I have become a big fan of Goodwill - both donating and buying. They're good folks with some sweet stuff. Ya just gotta keep looking. Take care, Gary.

I got a compass once for .05. The Lacke and Joys Tent for 5.00;I believe they are around 6-700 new.

Goodwill is responsible for a lot of my stuff! I guess people buy expensive backpacking gear and then realize they don't like backpacking.

Columbia jacket for six bucks. virtually new

WOWWWWWW a Duluth pack for cheap. that is killer

aall good


I used to work for a place in Jackson Hole WY called Browse and Buy. I was in the back as a donation sorter. Being JH is a ski resort and backpacking mecca we got in every know namebrand stuff. Sometimes the loacl outfitters and backpacking stores in the off season would bring in all kinds of unbought brand new items that were just last years or seasons models and maybe they had too much and could'nt sell it all.

But unlike Goodwill, Browse and Buy knew the values of the gear and would sell it for about 1/4 to 1/2 what it was worth. But it was still a great deal on everything.

November 30, 2020
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