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Reading some different reviews. I want one even though I don't camp alot. (2-3 times a year) Looks like a descent price on sale here if anyones else is interested.

My review would be positive.

Use mine in my hammock and tent and have been impressed so far.

Yes....respectable price.

Thanks. Most of the reviews seem to have postive comments about the comfort and negatives are mostly about price.

Yes, I saw one of those pads in the outdoor shop here in Flagstaff last evening. Looks like it could be pretty comfortable. But I will stick to my trusty Ensolite pad that I have used for 32 years. They are cheap, and wear very well.

I have a neo. The ultimate lightweight pad/mattress for comfort. I can sleep through the night on it. Downside is durability. After one season a section of the innards delaminated and a "fat spot" formed in the pad. Casacade designs replaced it without question, but this is the only pad I've ever used that had a failure within its first year.

That said, I am busy giving the new pad a workout.

Is it the right pad/mattress for you? The sale price is a fair discount and if you seldom have a comfortable night's sleep when backpacking then this could be the solution. (BA air core, and exped down are heavier air mattresses, both comfortable though I prefer the neo). If you car camp and weight is not a consideration the thermarest camp rest is better yet. And if you can sleepsoundly on a hard surface then Gary's ensolite suggestion is spot on. Cheap, lightweight, and last forever.

November 29, 2020
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