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MSR HyperFlow Water Filter

I own a Katadyn Vario water filter that has served me well now I am looking to save a bit of weight.

Does anyone have any real world experience with the MSR HyperFlow Water Filter, more than one or two times of use? I am interested in hearing about its performance in less than desirable conditions etc.

Use in the North Eastern U.S. mostly
I use a filter year round if needed.
50% or better it will be used in un-clear water.
Durability & Reliability.
Filter life (I know water quality is a huge factor)
80% of the time solo 20% of the time no more than 2 others max.
And any other relative info on the MSR HyperFlow

Sorry people I don't mean to sound rude but I am only looking for feedback regarding the MSR HyperFlow ONLY. I don't need anyone telling me the about the only way to go is XYZ filter or any other filter. If I don't go with the HyperFlow I will just buy cartridges for my Katadyn Vario and use that.

If anyone was wondering about this filter too I have found some information on it. There is a pretty in-depth step by step review HERE (note: this review is done with the newer updated cartridge) And HERE is some other basic reviews and feedback.

IMO If you are going to use this filter in clean mountain spring water it will probably do well if you follow the directions to a T. If you are going to be using less than clear water I would have to say go with one of the Katadyn like the Hiker, Hiker Pro, Vario or MSR Sweetwater or MiniWorks Depending on your needs, group size etc.

I im going to stick with my Katadn Vario its a bit heaver than most but I feel its more versatile, with the cleanable ceramic filter that can be used or not used due to water quality it will lengthen the life of the main filter.

August 9, 2020
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