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I am looking for a 2-3 person, 3 season, tent for camping trips. Wont be doing much hiking with the tent, but don't want a boat anchor either. Easy/fast setup is a must. Would like to stay under $300 if possible? Does EMS have any tents that fit the bill? (Have a gift card i've been trying to use there)

Preferences would be


-Ease of use



Yes EMS has tents here is a link. You may also want to look in to a Eureka tent they would be my first choice for your criteria but thats me here is a link.

I have a good durable tent for sale, check out my classified ad here in forums, the Shangri-la 3. It weighs 4 lbs and is roomy for one person but will sleep 2-3.

The one I am selling is green, not yellow.

If EMS has a good tent, that fits my needs that would be my first choice, I can finally get rid of this gift card as well!

I like the look of the Big Agnes brand tents. Not sure what kind of reliability they offer?

I always recommend the Eureka Mountain Pass 3xte. For the $ its tough to beat plus ya get a lifetime warranty. I have done reviews on here. I own the 2 and 3xte. The 3xte is in my avatar pic. I have pics of both tents up as well.

I have a good durable tent for sale, check out my classified ad here in forums, the Shangri-la 3. It weighs 4 lbs and is roomy for one person but will sleep 2-3.

The one I am selling is green, not yellow.

I have sold this tent, its on its way to England.

I just picked up a Nemo Meta 2P for 283. Its normally 350, but on sale at (mountain plus outdoor gear), and use coupon code MB10628 for an extra 10% off. I can't wait to recieve it, buddy of mine has one and I think it is the best 3 season tent to ever hit the market anytime in the recent past.

three season tens in that size should exceed $100 dollars in my book. I spent $90 on one for a present for my brother once, but as for things costing close to $300, you might as well get a four season tent., they're more durable anyway.

OOPs, I mean to say they should NOT cost over $100 dollars.

what tents would you buy for under $100 hagar? not to be rude but I dont think I have seen too many that will withstand much of anything for under 100 unless it is a big sale on an older tent...

just am curious at what sort of tent you would recommend.

and by the way bostonbull I have an REI quarter dome T3 that I use for some 3 season that I love, lightweight, has been durable thus far. ($300 not on sale). The thing with REI is they often have the 20% off or you may be able to find one at a REI garage sale for much cheaper. And you could get the T2 that will be lighter and cheaper, I just enjoy the extra room in the T3. Overall great tent for what I have used and the customer service at REI has been top notch for me 8).

I agree, $350 (or more) for a tiny single-person tent is pretty outrageous. But then again $20K for a tiny little car that would take no more space than my bed is pretty outrageous, too, but that's what they cost :).

I second TheRambler's recommendation for (Mountains Plus). They don't carry all brands, but have a pretty good selection, and seem to have regular 10% off coupons. They also include the footprint, which in many cases is valued at another $50 (though mine is on back order, through no fault of theirs)... I had several email exchanges with them regarding delivery times and such and they were very responsive.

I agree, a small tent should cost less than $100. I now have 3 of them (see my reviews). Many are the same as the popular name ones. But one must be carefull, and realy look them over. There are some badly made tents on the market too. But if you do some research you will get to know the pros and cons that most tents have. If you do buy a cheaper tent try to figure in the cost of new poles as many come with flimsy ones. IMHO Most people that buy those high in high $ tents do so for the name and customer service. Nothing wrong with that. But they have some ups and downs too.

I am a fan of

I have a Kelty, Eureka and Mountain Hardwear 2 person tent. I would recommend all three. I would also recommend Big Agnes (I have a solo tent of theirs) but I do find that their 2 person tents tend to seem closed in. has some pretty good sales on as well.

I ended up grabbing an EMS SugarShack. Got a good deal, great warranty from EMS, and got to spend my giftcard. Easy setup, 4lbs, and plenty of room.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

August 14, 2020
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