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Gregory JetStream LTS system

Does anyone here have any experience with the JetStream LTS system on Gregory packs on the newer Gregory packs. IE the Gregory Z-65, Z-55, Z-45. I am thinking about getting one and I have tried one in the store it feels pretty comfortable so I am just wondering about the performance of JetStream LTS system. Does it work well is it cool etc.

Gregory makes high quality packs. However, I have not gotten their packs to properly fit me. I have friends who swear by their Gregories. Packs are like boots - your body shape has to fall within their shape and adjustability to be comfortable. So go to the shop(s), have the store's experienced and trained pack fitter adjust the pack on you (store doesn't have a trained, experienced packfitter? Go somewhere else), load one up with 30-50 pounds, and walk around the store for at least a half hour. Is it still comfortable? Great. Not comfortable? Try a different pack. Yeah, this has been said over and over here on Trailspace and elsewhere, but it is still true - fit is the single most important factor in whether a pack (or boots) will serve you well or whether you will be miserable, or perhaps even suffer a serious injury that will spoil your whole trip.

Yes Bill I know that a properly fit pack is key and how to get one fit. My question is about the JetStream suspension on the Gregory Z-65. Is it really cool and breathable.

...Is it really cool and breathable.

Well, the ads say so. You would question the hype, er, I mean, the information provided by the company's advertising agent?

Frankly, I have found all the "superventilating" back designs on internal frame packs I have tried longer than 5 or 10 miles on a hot day to leave my back soaking wet with sweat. The only packs suspensions that I have found that reduce the sweatiness by any significant amount are the mesh ones on external frame packs. There just is not enough circulation space and never enough air movement through the designs like Gregory's (or any of the others, for that matter). The only way you will find it works for you is to take one out on a hot day, load it up, and hike 10 miles uphill.

Thanks for the input Bill, I guess I am just going to have to bite the bullet and buy and try it.

On my hike today, I wore a pack (which I will report on at some future point) which has a "new, full air flow" design of the back. At the end of the half dozen miles, my back was so sweaty (on a 75 deg day!) that I could literally wring water out of my T-shirt(ok, ok, cotton holds water, as I myself have posted many times, but still...). Yet another example of "super venting". The design and specs for materials closely resembles the Gregory LTS (the pack is not a Gregory, though).

Try the Gregory and report back to us. But don't expect miracles. Do pick some warm humid days to give it a critical test, not some cool, low humidity day.

I have a Gregory Z65 pack, but it was the last model before they did the Jetstream back panel so I can't really comment on that issue, however I can comment on the actual load bearing qualities of the pack.

I have yet to put a pack on that transfers loads as well as this pack does, the weight is truly on your hips with a proper fit. Before I purchased this pack I had "and still do if any one is interested in buying it" an Atmos 50, don't get me wrong its a good pack but the loads always seemed to be pulling away from my back instead of being on my shoulders or my hips so this is a vast improvement.

I dont think you could go wrong with this pack, as far as the actual Jetstream air flow issue I dont think it should be a deal breaker eitherway, sweaty or dry back at the end of the day as long as your back isn't sore from a pack not bearing the load correctly.

Thank you for your honest input people it is very much appreciated. I think I am going to go try it on again and to make sure I have a proper fit and give it a shot and see where the chips fall.

Good luck with your decision. I have an 09 model Z-55, with the mesh trampoline back-panel and lower lumbar pad, and on hot/muggy days in the Smokies, it has done about as good as I could expect at keeping my back cool. It allows the breeze to flow across my back as it keeps the pack about 2-3inches off [of my back]. As for the shoulder straps, they have some hollow-like cutouts which do a better job than my Kelty Cyote did at keeping my shoulders cool. I think REI is selling the ones with the trampoline-style back on there Outlet site (they are for 139.99) still. I did a review on it if you care to check it out (an older review, still trying to get better at writing them).

November 30, 2020
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