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hooligan 4

well im new to backpacking but not new to camping. i am lookin for a tent with my family in mind. i have a wife and 2 decent sized dogs. im looking at the coleman hooligan 4 tent, something that we can all fit in but something that i can fit in a backpack for a weekend hike if i want to. im in the army and am used to carrying a heavy pack so the weight of it doesnt bother me. iv been trying to find pictures of it that arent the ones used to sell it. ie set up with someone in it to get an idea on what its size actually is. if anyone has this tent can you please show me some pics of it? thanks alot in advance.

I would have to say that the inside usable space would have to be in the neighborhood of 8' X 6' 1/2" but thats just my opinion.

What I mean by usable space is the space you can use with out having to nylon from the sides of the tent draped over or having to lay your body in to the inner tent material.

would you use it in my situation? not tryin to break the bank either.

I was looking at the Hooligan2 and decided against it. Heavy for its size, and the reviews said that the porch door is small. But I do love the style of the tent. I would shop around some more. Maybe a Chinook. They have big porch areas.

December 5, 2020
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