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Narrow feet

I have really narrow feet (aaaa) and cannot afford custom made boots. Ergo, I fill the boot with multiple layers of sox. Can anyone tell me what companies use relatively narrow lasts for their boots? Thanx

Welcome to Trailspace DFL

I wish I could hep you but I have above averagely wide feet. But I can say this every shoe maker has shoes that are different model by model so you would need to go to a good wide verity shoe store with a good shoe fitter (just like a pack fitter) and try on different brands and models of shoes.

Welcome DFL!!

I've got a pair of New Balance 1500GT boots that are a narrow (B) width; if your foot is a men's 10.5 or smaller, you might want to look into the womens model. It looks exactly like the men's, but can be ordered in a AA width. I also have very narrow feet, along with a very skinny heel, and the 1500's are the best I've found so far for a lightweight boot.

New Balance makes a few of their "outdoor" oriented models in narrow widths, including some nice trail runners.

For a heavier boot, try to find a pair of the older Lowa Banff boots. The mens model can be found in a narrow (B) width, and the womens version goes down to AA width...


I have narrow feet as well. The major US makers reduced the number of widths they produce about thirty years ago. However, many Europeans do not have the wide feet common in the US, so Italian makers still build to narrower lasts.

I buy Pivettas, Vasques, etc. in AA made in Italy prior to 1980. Occasionally they can be found unused in the original box. They are twice the quality of modern "boots" at 1/4 the price. Good hunting. What is your shoe size, I'll keep an eye open?


My left foot is a 14AAAA and my left a 12AAAA so I buy foot ware to fit the left.

I have narrow, low volume, size 14 feet. The ll Bean Cresta Hiker comes in 14 narrow (B), is a highly rated boot, and works well for me.

I also have a pair of New Balance 966's. They are a low cut hiking/walking shoe that also comes in a 14 narrow. They are solid, a bit heavy, and do not have a very aggressive sole but they fit me very well - that's the main thing.

Good luck with your search. I know it can be frustrating.


You might try on some Danners boots. They make a men's narrow in 14. I don't know how narrow they consider narrow, but at one time they made men's AA. See for an example.

DFL--you still haven't specified mens or womens...

Sorry--i'm a guy-an oooolldd guy.


You're an old guy. That explains your remark:

My left foot is a 14AAAA and my left a 12AAAA so I buy foot ware to fit the left.

You have the proverbial "two left feet".

Instead of walking in circles with one boot two sizes too big, why not contact the National Odd Shoe Exchange? See

I'm an old guy too. I walk in circles trying to figure out what I entered the room to get. : )


Thanx for the referral. They say I have to submit a written request to register so thats in my future. From your name-do you spend time standing in water waving a stick with dead animal parts tied to a hook on the end of a string? If so, where?



Yes, I wave a stick as often as possible; though with this heat and low water in NH, there aren't enough trout to shake a stick at.

September 22, 2020
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