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Pawnee or Lakota

Hey Everyone,
I need some feedback on backpack choice. I will mostly do weekend camping in the fall and winter. The Kelty Pawnnee and Lakota are what I'm considering. The size and weight seem to be the difference between the two. The Pawnee is 3300 cu in around 3 lbs and the Lakota is 4000 cu and 4 lbs. Also, the difference in the price is $5 on one website.

Would the Lakota be worth the extra couple bucks and size?


3000 cu in should be large enough for most weekend trips, but if you are winter soloing, venturing into temps near or below zero F, or going into terrain requiring climbing gear a larger pack may be required.


I greatly appreciate the input. I did get the Lakota with the thought of needing extra space for winter hiking. I looked at the Pawnee which is a straight forward backpack and a good deal. The Lakota also had some other additions I wanted. I'll let you know how it goes.



September 28, 2020
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