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Maniago Knives


Some of the best knives I have come from a town in Maniago, Italy. There are a number of factories in this northern town that is at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Type in Maniago Knives on your search engine and various sites pop up for purchasing. The above knives I have had for about 10 years and they are excellent. I use them while fishing, camping and hiking. The handles are antler and mountain goat horn. I believe they cost about 100 dollars each back then. Does anybody else like to post their favorite knives? Or have their own suggestions on quality?

Al Mar knives prior to the sale of his name to a japanese manufatcurer...If you can get an original tanto..Best I found for the money.Mine was given to me early 80's after a family member went to a private Convention in Vegas.

The stock photo above is an exact example of my current EDC, a Spyderco C46 Bob Lum Tanto folder. Only about a hundred or so were sold with the above blade/handle combination, plain edge, coated VG-10 steel, G-10 handle.

I've had Strider owners throw their SMF's at me, trying to trade, when they see this knife...silly rabbit...

However, if anyone has an automatic Extrema Ratio they want to part with...

Beautiful knife designs!

I have a petzl spatha and my river shorty from Gerber. Both work well for what I have to do in general.

Have to say you both have some nice knives.Spyderco is what my friend carries..Loves it.....

I have a couple Esee (formerly R.A.T. cutlery) knives that I carry when hiking or camping. I really like fixed blades for wilderness activities. My EDC is a sweet little assisted open Ken Onion from wally world.




Junglas 10" for batoning wood


August 5, 2020
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