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2:47 p.m. on March 21, 2011 (EDT)
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So I was just doing a general search of anything and everything and I came across this Filter Straw. Could be beneficial in a pinch. I was thinking that with something like a bandana over the end as a pre-filter it may work pretty good. Anyone ever try one of these?

I know its a big link. As always from my phone lol.

10:15 p.m. on March 21, 2011 (EDT)
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I haven't used that specific "straw". But Barb and I have carried the Katadyn EXtream bottles for use dayhiking in areas where we knew we would have to refill from questionable sources. We didn't get sick, so it apparently worked. Then again, I have been known to drink directly from streams and from questionable sources in 3rd world countries without getting sick (including the tap in the hotel room labeled "non-potable"). But I always wash my hands with soap or hand sanitizer before handling the food I am going to eat and avoid grabbing chips, candy, and nuts from the "community dish" even in the US - never know if the person before me washed his hands since visiting the "comfort station". I did get serious internal upsets one time from eating the shrimp cocktail in the First Class section of a major airline (as did 4 of my 5 companions on that flight on business - the other person avoided the shrimp cocktail). I don't recall at this point what the airline was, since that was something like 30 years ago, which probably means the airline no longer exists (except I think the name began with "D").

11:16 p.m. on March 21, 2011 (EDT)
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I sometimes carry one in my fishing vest. It seems to work well but the waters that I fly fish are pretty safe. It's nice to be able to just bend over and get a drink straight from a cool stream. It kind of depends on what I feel like carrying because the other times I carry a filter bottle.

10:12 a.m. on March 22, 2011 (EDT)
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I have that filter straw in my essentials bag (it's a small stuff sack with emergency and survival stuff I always have in my pack). The straw is pretty small, light, and doesn't expire. I keep it for emergencies only.

I got the same filter straw for my son and put it in his essentials bag too, and explained how to use it.

Frontier Emergency Water Filter System


10:47 a.m. on March 22, 2011 (EDT)
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I have one in my small kit of gear I always carry as well.

11:54 a.m. on March 22, 2011 (EDT)
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I was gonna keep one as a backup in my essentials bag. Just in case my MSR decided to crap out on the trail(things happen.) Also thought it would cut down on the amount of water I need to carry on dayhikes which means lighter weight. I am in no way an ultra lighter but if I can lighten the load a bit why not. A few things caught my attention about the straw, 1- 0.2 micron filtration which is equal to my MSR 2- Its reasonably priced(around $20+ or- ) but then again there isn't much to it 3- Weight.... what weight :) 4- Size(fits in pocket) 5- It claims its good for 20 gallons of water. That's quite a bit out of a straw. I am gonna order one this weekend. I as well am gonna keep it primarily for emergency use although I may pocket it and use it during my explorations of an area of interest. I wonder if it can be cleaned. Hmmmm. Im sure if its rated for 20 gallons it is... Somehow.

10:24 a.m. on March 23, 2011 (EDT)
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I think you can get 'em for closer to $10 if you shop around  bit.

It is $5 over on NewEgg right now (for a tech company they carry some random stuff :)

7:48 a.m. on March 31, 2011 (EDT)
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I think you can get 'em for closer to $10 if you shop around  bit.

It is $5 over on NewEgg right now (for a tech company they carry some random stuff :)




Great price(s).   Thanks for providing the info and link.

June 22, 2018
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