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11:35 p.m. on June 3, 2011 (EDT)
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has anyone heard about down booties & down pants?

1:42 a.m. on June 4, 2011 (EDT)
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I have friends that carry down booties and pants as part of thier sleeping system to go along with a 40 degree down bag for cold weather use. The thought being that if they are going to carry an extra pound of feathers why not be able to use it to keep warm durring the day as well.

5:42 a.m. on June 4, 2011 (EDT)
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Depending on the temperature down booties are almost essential. Be sure the have a sole though so you can use it outside.

As far as I know, More and more people use down pants. I you search a little bit you'll see that alpine style climbers and UL backpacker use it more and more. 

They are different model of down trousers. For lightness it think the PHD minimus down trousers (8 oz) is a very popular choice. For light trousers I would recommend PHdesigns, WM, maybe taigaworks (a little bit heavier but they are cheaper) and I guess soon triplezero

If you want something for extended use in very cold weather loot at mountaineering brands like Valandré, PHdesigns, FF, Mountain equipment.

There are certainly other brands. . If you don't want to spend to much money take taigaworks. I thing it's perfect for most uses and they are cheaper even if it's 200 grams heavier than competitors (they are warmer though).

If you want to use it with your sleeping bags in really cold weather during an extended period of time, more than 4 days let say) then you better use VBL clothes. You can use plastic bags for your feet and a rain trousers (not breathable at all ) for the legs and a rain vest for the top. Be carefull you'll be toasty cause you'll prevent heat loss by perspiration. So you have to test a little bit to be sure not to sweat to much.

Exped have nice VBL socks at a quite decent price at least in Europe. 

Also be sure you have a sleeping bag large enough so that when wearing all your clothers the insulation of your bag and of your clothes are not compressed. You'll loose insulation and have some hard time.

7:27 p.m. on June 4, 2011 (EDT)
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joshyd said:

has anyone heard about down booties & down pants?

 Yes I have, what is the question?

You seem to be big on lists but short on applications.

6:43 a.m. on June 5, 2011 (EDT)
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Paully said:

joshyd said:

has anyone heard about down booties & down pants?

 Yes I have, what is the question?

You seem to be big on lists but short on applications.


Thats my qs,

im interested in them and if I could eventually save the money to buy them I will so I see the benefit in asking for information on them,

What do you mean by I seem to be big on lists but short on applications?,

do you wan't me to ask a question like "what are the uses of down booties and down pants in the outdoors" or along these lines,

 If you've got some useful information on the subject I would like to hear it,


7:31 a.m. on June 5, 2011 (EDT)
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I have both.   They are old, original (before the big buy-out) Eddie Bauer.-brand.    

  Found them in a thrift store, for a couple bucks.  I live in a region popular for waterfowl hunting, and hunters spend ungodly amounts of money on their gear.    Like $5000 shotguns.   Hence; the used gear shows-up pretty regularly.

They do work rather well.   But, one must go UP a size-or-two in the outerwear pants / trousers to accommodate the extra bulk  ('puffiness' ).   It's an odd feeling, at first, wearing them.    You really do feel like the "Michelin Man".   But, when their functionality kicks-in, and the temps are low, you don't mind.

I have used them inside sleeping bags, when the temps dropped to at, or beyond the bags rating.    As Brumo suggested, they need room inside the bags to be effective.

If I were going to do any real extended hiking and camping in 0-degree (F) or colder temps, I would definitely recommend them.

In "Robert's Perfect World", I would want the pants to be BIBS.   The area around the mid-section / lower-torso gets a little too much "confluence"  with standard pants and tops, right at the waist-line.

Also, I 2nd the notion of getting booties with the thin soles on them.   Mine has them, and I used them as "lodge boots", as well, when the rare occasions of being invited to stay at remote lodges or when on ski excursions where I know I will be staying at one.


5:34 a.m. on June 6, 2011 (EDT)
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Your question is "Has anybody heard about down booties and down pants?" I answered that question.

Yes, I have, I've heard a great deal about them both and to pointedly paraphrase the evolution, styles, brands, quality, uses (applications) would be a time consuming thing.

You haven't given any idea of what you want to use the stuff for so it's hard to give direct and useful information. 

Are you camping/fishing/hunting/skiing/climbing/mountaineering/working/etc in the snow or in super cold climates? Is the snow wet or dry? Are you going cold interior or more temperate coastal? Are they for indoor or outdoor use or both? What type of down/loft/denier/soles. Do you need to use a harness as well? Why down and not synthetic? etc ..............

You kinda see where I'm coming from?

Oh whatever, just get anything Feathered Friends and be done with it.


June 24, 2018
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