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Replacing Canvas Ridge Tents

Hi there, 

I'm trying to replace a bunch of canvas ridge tents, they have a 12' by 12' footprint, screen, six poles and about an 8' ridge. The tent is called the "Denver Royal" and is made in Colorado. The tents are perfect except that they tend to leak in the heavy rain we get in Nova Scotia. 

Does anyone have recomendations for large, durable canvas tents that stand up well to heavy persistent rain?

How about a picture.  I'm not sure exactly what a ridge tent is.

It's sort of like this:

Except ours our a bit larger, and have about a four foot wall instead of a slightly smaller wall on that picture. 

We're not attached to the design, an inexpensive canvas wall tent would probably also work, but a lot of those are too big. 

You may want to try getting the canvas replaced. I had a friend who worked for a party rental company and used to repair the tents or make new covers for them. If your frame work is okay it might be cheaper and/or easier than finding replacements. Check with party rental places, funeral homes and banks to find out where they get there tents repaired. Also try sail boat companies, anybody who works with heavy fabric.

May I ask, why canvas? They tend to mist inside with rain.

What exactly is the problem with them (as in why are they leaking)?  Do they have dry or sun rot?  Have you tried water proofing them?  Was this tent made by the Denver Tent Co. They are the only tent maker I'm awear of in Colorado?

December 5, 2020
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