Knifes when hiking..

6:58 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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What knife/knifes do you use when hiking, and why these knifes..??

7:22 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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Victorinox Soldier

It has what I need and not a bunch of other things I don't. Best backcountry knife I have ever owned. The saw on this knife is awesome. Not that I run around cutting things up at random on the trail. I also like the fact that the serrated section is towards to the front. It makes more sense to me plus the blade is locking as well as the large flat screwdriver on the opposite end.

I attaced a short piece of fluorescent orange and triptease line on the loop of it so I can find it if I drop it.

8:21 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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I carry this one every day. 


9:14 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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I carry one medium (3.5") sized full tang, fixed blade, stainless steel knife suitable for working with wood, skinning, cleaning fish, etc.

If I am taking a liguid fuel stove or other items that might need to be trail serviced I will take a small multi-tool.

9:32 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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I do the lil multi-tool thing as well. I have a juice. I also have a skeletool but really don't use it. It stays in my glovebox.


9:52 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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When backpacking, I take a 1.2oz Benchmade.  Works fine for cutting cheese. 

10:59 p.m. on July 15, 2011 (EDT)
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Knives are a hobby of mine, so I probably carry more than most.  For backpacking trips, this would be typical:

Custom lightweight fixed blade from Ray Laconico

Spyderco UKPK or Buck Mayo

Queen stockman

Leatherman Squirt

SAK Classic


1:34 a.m. on July 16, 2011 (EDT)
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I used to carry a Buck Woodsman and a Leatherman Wave multi-tool, both are big and heavy. Recently downsized to a nonserated Gerber Evo Jr.  and a Gerber Vise nulti-tool.

I like the looks of that Victorinox Soldier Rick.

12:23 a.m. on July 17, 2011 (EDT)
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azrhino said:

I like the looks of that Victorinox Soldier Rick.

 I use it close to every day. Awesome knife. Its always in my pocket.

2:26 a.m. on July 17, 2011 (EDT)
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I prefer to always have a medium sized sheath knife and a Leatherman Charge Ti with me; I have used many knives and have quite a few, athough I have given many away to my nephews.

My favourite for general bush stuff is a custom OSK by Mississippi maker Charley May, in SV30 with canvas micarta scales. This is what is often called a "Bushcrafter" style blade and it takes and holds an edge one could do surgery with, plus is very tough and rust-resistant. I carry this and the Ti and can do anything I would ever need to with these two tools.

I like simple but high quality knives and find that top custom blades do what I need with no fuss and so this is what I buy.

9:52 a.m. on July 17, 2011 (EDT)
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I usually carry a Gerber Compact Scout (lightest decent size blade I've found) in my backpack for clean work and a Victorinox Spirit x or a Leatherman Charge Alx on my belt for all around purposes.  I also carry either a machete or Sog Fasthawk for cutting wood at campsite if it allows fire.  I know ultralight backpackets might be twitching at these selections but I use these tools very often! 

10:26 a.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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Mark 3 MOD navy knife.


Bought it for $15.99 at an Army Navy store about 15 years ago. Super tough and durable.

10:38 a.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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I always carry a fixed blade, either the Marble Plainsman knife or a SOG Seal Pup. I take the seal pup if I will be dealing with ropes/climbing due to a serrated edge. Otherwise I take the plainsman. During the winter, I carry a leatherman squirt which has pliers, scisssors, small knife, file, awl etc which weighs 1.8oz for aid in repairing snowshoes etc if the need arises.


Nice buy on the Mk 3 Steven, nice knife for a nice price.

12:11 p.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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I carry two knives I bought in Maniago, Italy. They are famous for their knives. The handles are from deer and mountain goat. I also carry a leatherman wave. I carry a larger knive from Gerber when I know I will be in isolated areas and having non-folding knife is needed in emergencies. They are much tougher and you can hammer on the handle if needed.

12:31 p.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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a lightweight folding / locking Gerber in a case that stays attached to the shoulder strap of my pack, just below the sternum strap. The case is the same color of the shoulder strap, black, and so it blends in, and I always know where it is. 

1:04 p.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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usually one knife.  benchmade mini-griptilian or lone wolf harsey T2 if i decide to take a folding knife, fallkniven f1 or bark river gameskeeper if i decide on a fixed blade.  i like the folders because the locks are secure, the grips don't slip, and the blades stay sharp & don't break.  the bark river is great but high maintenance, the blade is excellent but prone to oxidation.

always have a multitool, a leatherman wave.

1:08 p.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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D-Dog, I really like those. I have a Puma White Hunter that was handed down to me. It never leaves its green and gold box. I don't even open it really. Alot of sentimental value. That knife is a tank.

9:02 p.m. on July 18, 2011 (EDT)
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I always have my Victorinox  knife, similar to their current evolution model, plus cork screw.  If fresh foods are in the menu, I will also bring a really light weight 8” French knife.  If I am fishing, add the 6” filleting knife.  I find using a section of corrugated cardboard serves well as an ultra light sheath for the French and fillet knives.

9:50 p.m. on July 19, 2011 (EDT)
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I carry this Leatherman , does everything I need, plus I bring my husband along just in case!

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7:49 p.m. on July 30, 2011 (EDT)
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Which knives I bring depend on where I am going and how long I plan to stay out.  I pretty much always take my Leatherman Wave, no matter what trip.  Besides the Leatherman, I will take either my Gerber Metolius, SOG Seal Pup, and my most recent knife a Swiss Army Knife (don't remeber the name but it has two blades, can opener/bottle opener, phillips screwdriver and awl).  I find myself carrying the Swiss nearly everywhere I go and typically take it and use it at work as well.

I like the Gerber Metolius because it is a heavy duty full tang blade which is pretty thick and can be "beat" on the back side with a stick to aid in it's use as a make-shift axe...and still stays pretty darned sharp.

10:46 p.m. on July 30, 2011 (EDT)
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I'm a big fan of RAT Cutlery (now known as ESEE) - I've got their RC-3 and RC-4 models, plus just this week I picked up sweet folder, a collaboration between Buck and TOPS.   One of the RAT is attached to my pack, and the folder will stay on my belt.   For trips where I think I might need to cut some bigtime downed firewood, I take along the SVEN saw.

2:07 p.m. on July 31, 2011 (EDT)
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Leatherman Wave. Everything locks in place and it's great in most situations. Everyday carry for me.

7:12 p.m. on July 31, 2011 (EDT)
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As I said above Dr.,  the Leatherman Wave!

11:37 a.m. on August 9, 2011 (EDT)
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I always carry my Mora Classic 2 on my belt and in my pack I carry a small swiss army "Driver" and a back up Mora Clipper.  The Moras are super sharp and very light and not a fortune to replace if one went missing.

  My activities are generally hiking and backpacking and they usually suit me just fine for most duties when I am out.

2:24 p.m. on August 11, 2011 (EDT)
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Leatherman Wave 20 Year Anniversary Model

  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • Wire Stripper
  • Extra-small Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Diamond-coated File
  • Wood Saw
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • 8 in | 20 cm Ruler
  • 420HC Stainless Steel Clip-point Knife


  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Lanyard Attachment
  • Leather or Nylon Sheath Available
  • 25-year Warranty


  • 4 in | 10 cm (closed)
  • 8 oz | 224 g
  • 2.9 in | 7.37 cm (blade length)



Gerber Big Rock Serrated Knife


an ergonomic, contoured SoftGrip overmold handle with textured grip points for a secure, comfortable grasp.

  • Full tang, drop-point, partially serrated fixed blade is constructed of surgical stainless steel for durability
  • Finger guard protects finger from knife edge
  • Lanyard attachment hole at handle end
  • Nylon sheath with protective insert included


5:25 p.m. on August 12, 2011 (EDT)
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Looks like quite of few of us carry the wave. I would buy another. They are good quality, so it would not be for wear and tear. I have owned quite a few multitools from Swiss and American companies, and the wave fits all my needs for being out in the wild and even repairing equipment. The option of three types of cutting/sawing tools is very convenient. I have not had any rust problems, and I live in an area of high moisture year round. The medium size of the wave makes it convenient to carry around or to keep out of sight under my shirt when the hike takes me into populated areas. Another reason I carry the multitool, is that the larger multitools are illegal to carry because they have a locking blade over the legal length (German Law).

Oh, my wife teases me that I collect knives and flashlights as a hobby. Ya, and? :)

November 19, 2018
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