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Smoked trout with ginger and terriaki glaze

Fresh caught trout never tasted better!  Easier to prepare than it sounds.  This requires a wood cooking fire.


Club of ginger root, skin peeled, thin sliced, trans axially  - three inches of root per fish.

Teriyaki sauce - Kikkoman Teriyaki baste and glaze with honey and pineapple

Trout, pan size, gutted, skinned - (I assume you'll be catching this)


Home: Sandwich or paring knife - Sauce pan - Table spoon - Funnel - small Tupperware container

Backcountry: Filet knife - wood plank (use available at hand in nature) - spoon - aluminum foil - cutting board (optional)


At home:

  1. Pour teriyaki sauce into sauce pan on stove set to simmer.  Three ounces of sauce will baste a 12" trout.  Add ginger root slices.  Simmer for thirty minutes.
  2. Remove from heat, and chill.
  3. Place chilled sauce and ginger slices in Tupperware container.

At Camp:

  1. Prepare a wood fire to perform a quick, indirect heat, warm smoking of the trout.
  2. Place fish on plank.  Use spoon to apply sauce to fish.  Coat both sides of fish and inside of gut cavity.
  3. Place plank over the coals and place foil over the fish to trap and circulate wood smoke around the fish.  You want a cook time of about 25 - 30 minutes, less for smaller fish.  Adjust the amount of coals proximal to the fish and the height of the plank from the coals accordingly.  The fish should be fully cooked, but just barely.

You can take this dish to the next level, by turning it in to a hors d'oeuvre.  Bring your favorite cocktail crackers and cream cheese.  Don't forget the sauvignon blanc!





Good one. I love smoked trout. It can take strong flavors.

Great I am starving after reading that!

Thanks for sharing, Ed! I will definitely use it.

Whoops, I forgot a step.

After applying the sauce, apply the slices of ginger on the top side of the trout, staring from the tail, and arrange like fish scales.  The sliced ginger and smoked trout flavors really pop under the boost of the teryaki

Thank you a hundred times over Whomeworry!

I love trout, preferably cooked over a fire, and always like to try new recipes.

...and you are right "The fish should be fully cooked, but just barely." 

Cedar planks weigh very little, and it's a great way to cook a variety of foods.

Great recipe! Just reading "fresh caught trout" makes me want to go fishing!

September 27, 2020
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