Mushrooms and Rice

2:26 a.m. on March 27, 2010 (EDT)
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I'm posting these very basic and simple dehydrated meals because of the interest shown by some others just thinking of getting into dehydrating. Most trips out I end up tweaking them to fit my taste but I'm posting the basic recipes to get the new person started and show how simple it can be.

Mushroom rice (big meal for one)

.5cp instant rice

.25cp mixed dehydratedveggies,
.25cp dehydrated mushrooms

.25cp dehydrated hamburger

1pkg instant mushroom gravy

Put everything in a 2qt freezer bag including the hamburger except the gravy mix.

To prepare dump everything except the gravy mix into 2cps of water and bring to a boil. Stir a couple time while the water is comming to a boil so it does not scorch on the bottom. Remove from heat and let sit for 7-8 minutes. Slowly stir in the gravy mix and and stir well, let sit anoth 5min and eat. Don't pour the gravy mix in all at once because it will clump up and not be as good.

You can also substitute a quarter cup of cheese powder instead of the instant mushroom package.

Also if you don't want to dehydrate you own hamburger a half package of shelf stable bacon works good but reduce the amount of water used by .25 cp.

Spice things up to suit your taste. Salt, pepper, cajon seasoning, even a few dehydrated peppers are nice.

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