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Recipe: Thai Chicken Wrap

If you're reading this recipe you'll have noticed that we have alot of "Thai" recipes listed on our website. We tend to eat a great deal of Asian inspired food and have discovered that for the trail, it is easily one of our favorites. The tastes are never boring! Besides, it's always an interesting reaction hearing what your camp or sheltermates say when they smell your delicious delights emanating from your cook pot.
This recipe was designated a lunch/snack recipe due to it's simpleness but of course can be used for a dinner as well.

* 1/2 C. Creamy Peanut Butter
* 1/2 C. of Prepared Pad Thai sauce (easily found in most grocery stores)
* 1 Bunch of Green Onion
* 4 Large Tortillas, Wraps, or Flatbreads
* 1 Pkg - 7 Ounces of Tyson Chicken (or two 5 ounce cans)
* Leaf or Romaine Lettuce (We suggest Romaine. It's much stiffer and will hold up well in a pack for a day or two as long as it does not get overheated)
Home Preparation
Package the above ingredients using whatever method suits you

Trail Preparation
In your cookpot (we suggest using hard anodized aluminum for its non stick properties) stir together the peanut butter, chopped green onions and pad thai sauce. Cook over medium heat stirring until sauce is mixed completely and warm. Do not overcook!
Layout a Tortilla or Wrap, top with lettuce, chicken and onions. Sauce over the top and then wrap burrito style.

You may also consider saucing the wrap first, then other ingredients but we find personally that having the sauce on the chicken imparts a better flavor.

This sounds very good. I'll have to try it, holding the onions though.

I'm a big fan of wraps on the trail.

Hi Alicia. I have Thai Beef wrap on the website that uses all fresh ingredients. You need a dehydrator though. Might want to check it out if you are into wraps! :)

Thanks, BlueTang! Your recipes always sound inspiring.

Sounds yummy. Gotta try this one. Do you know approx. how long a couple frozen chicken breasts will last in the pack?

This does sound excellent! I think I will try it, but substitute sauteed sweet onion and peppers for the green onion. Unfortunately, I have never been able to make myself like green or raw onion flavors.


Just checked your site. I love it

It's simple and has definitely expanded my options when it comes to backpacking food. It's simple and the menu is not too crowded so that you just start to give up already trying to look for something decent. Let's keep it that way

December 1, 2020
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