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Review Tips & Tricks is a moderated forum dedicated to helping you field test your gear and share helpful, unbiased gear reviews on Trailspace.

This is the place to share outdoor gear testing and review tips, advice, and opinions and to ask fellow Trailspace gear reviewers about best practices for testing and reviewing gear, apparel, and footwear.

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Think this thread will be a great resource, Alicia! Thanks for opening it up.

I did two reviews this weekend and tried to follow good tips from here. I have a 6 upvote and a 4 upvote on those reviews! I have NEVER had a response like that. I shared both reviews on FB, twitter, and Pintrest, so that may help a lot! Hope it brings in more traffic to the Trailspace pages as well!

I read your reviews, GoG. Lots of detail, and lots and lots of actual usage. There's so much you can't find out unless you use equipment in lots of different circumstances. 

Plus you have an excellent reputation with some pretty cool TRs to your name!

The Sunkist Ninja rocks !!!

Thanks to both of you. I like to give my perspective from a hiker who doesn't ahve a lot of gear but definately learning about how the gear I have works! IT has been fun getting things and really using them and then reflecting on how it all went!

October 19, 2021
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